Eco Friendly Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

How beautiful is the weather? It is lovely to see some regular sunshine in the UK, it has been a lovely few days and when the sun comes out we are so full of enthusiasm and energy, aren't we?  I don't know if you are like me, but I want to clean my house when it's sunny. I think it is down to a good mood and when you have cleaned, your mood is lifted even more! But with people like Mrs Hinch and the products she promotes, I can't help but think that there are so many natural and more eco-friendly ways to clean. So today we are going to share some eco-friendly cleaning tips with you. 

Eco Friendly products are kinder to the world because they are not filled with harsh toxic chemicals and you can actually make them from products in your own home as well as buying eco cleaners. We need to protect the world for our children and grandchildren and this is a good way to start on our mission to protect the environment.

Baking Soda

This can be used for so many things whilst you clean your house, from using it with some water mixed in with it to create a thick paste and clean out the oven. Leave it to sit there for a couple of hours whilst you clean somewhere else and wipe it away a couple of hours later. You can use it in the toilet by putting a cupful in the toilet bowl and leaving it for an hour, and then add some white vinegar for another hour before flushing away (obviously try and do this when the kids aren't about or the house isn't busy). I also add baking soda to my washing machine when I am washing Tilly's white school tops.

White Vinegar

Pour a cupful of white vinegar in your kettle with a cupful of water and bring it to the boil, this will descale the kettle for you and once it has cooled down, you can rinse it through. By adding the 50/50 mixture again and putting it in a reusable spray bottle, you can spray your windows and wipe away with a microfibre cloth to get sparkling clean windows. If you make a mixture of 50/50 white vinegar and carbonated water, then you have the perfect cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen tiles and if they still don't come clean, you can put some baking soda and water mixture on them to give an extra clean.


Not only does this smell lovely and refreshing but you can use it for cleaning so many things in your house. If you have copper pots that have lost their shine, you can dip half a lemon in some salt and use it to scour the pans safely and cleanly. Just rinse out and then use your pans as usual. Lemon and white vinegar in a bowl with eliminate any odours that you have in your home and rubbing a slice of lemon over your work surfaces and chopping boards will disinfect the surfaces for you.

If you don't have the time to make your own cleaning products, you can always buy some eco-friendly ones. They are kinder to the environment like I said in the previous paragraphs but they are also usually in recyclable spray bottles so you can use the same one over and over again. Keep your old bottles and jars to put your homemade cleaning products in too.

Do you have any other tips on eco friendly cleaning tips?