6 Best Windows In The Market Right Now

6 Best Windows In The Market Right Now

New windows in your home can add a lot of character and style. It will look brand new and just by changing up the design or the shape of the windows, your entire room looks completely changed and upgraded. If you are going to shop for new windows, you must be aware of the different window designs out in the market and, of course, window prices. It can be very difficult if you are uneducated about the types, shapes and looks of different windows. You should opt for a type of window shape that goes with the layout of your house. Here are some of the best designs for windows that are available in the market.

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1. Double Hung Windows

These windows are classic. They have two sliding doors, which can be lifted up and down in order to open or close the window. Double hung windows have 2 panels, one on the top and one at the bottom and they both open upwards. These are great for the kitchen or bathroom as they are nicely fitted inside the frame of the window and can be protected from exterior damage such as moisture and rain.

2. Casement Windows
These windows are very modern. They open outside with a clasp, which is mechanical and can be locked by it as well. It has a thin outline of wood, which looks very chic and stylish. The beauty of this window is that it is mostly glass, so it allows a lot of light into the room. So for this purpose, these windows are mostly installed in living rooms and guest rooms where a lot of light is needed. One downside to this window is that it is prone to breaking and it is quite delicate.

3. Awning Windows

These windows do not open all the way. They are fixed at the top with hinges and they open outwards at an inclined position. This window is not the best for rooms as it allows limited entry of air, rather it is used in attics and basements, where some ventilation is required.

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4. Picture Windows

These windows are large, almost the size of a door. They open like a door as well and they allow maximum air flow in and out of the house. They have a slim panel of wood surrounding the outline and it is mostly installed in guest rooms and living rooms, as it provides proximity to the outside of the house as well.

5. Dormer Windows

Dormer windows usually has a block of setting space or wall mounts in the interior. They allow a lot of light in to the room and are amazing d├ęcor. They usually look good when they are present in groups of three.

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6. Slider Windows or Double Glazed Windows

They are similar to double hung windows, but the only difference is that double glazed windows slide horizontally or side to side, rather than vertically or up and down. They are a great design to incorporate in bedrooms or bathrooms, as they allow a lot of light in to the house. Look for double glazing cost for a good deal. There are many out there.

What kind of windows do you like?

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