5 Tips On Deal With An Old Smartphone

Old smartphones can get a new lease on life in a variety of ways. Whether you're an audiophile, a gamer or someone who wants to give to a good cause, you can always choose to reuse or responsibly recycle an old mobile.

Here are 5 projects for you to try.


Have too much stuff and looking to declutter? Give your old tech to the less fortunate and you get to earn good karma along the way. Smartphones that can still make calls, send SMS and browse the web can be useful to non-profit organizations such as schools, libraries and hospitals.
Along with old cell phones, these places can accept other working electronics, such as an old computer, laptop or a handheld gaming console.


Your old smartphone can still be worth a few quids, and it's easy to sell all your unused electronics on the internet nowadays. Take a photo of the goods and post them on popular online buy and sell platforms such as Amazon, Facebook or eBay. Make sure to put in a description of the item and its condition, e.g., no scratches, a few bumps and what's included. A phone that still has the box, cables and charging adapters will be worth more than just the unit alone. If you're keen to get rid of your phone quickly, use an online tech recycler to recoup some cash. Fill up the online form and get a quick appraisal on your phone's model. Send it in and receive cash for it.

Make Something Out of Nothing

Your old smartphone can be turned into a dedicated retro game console, a remote or a music player, among others. Here's how you can do so:

Retro Gaming via Emulator. Can your old phone download apps? Get an emulator app for it and load up some games. Connect a Bluetooth controller and you can relive the old classics without spending a quid.

mp3 Player. Get the latest streaming app or music player, then load your phone with your favourite songs. Connect it to a Bluetooth speaker or wireless earphones and enjoy some tunes whenever you want.

eBook Reader. Download a Kindle app or a free reader and a few books on Google Play or the App Store. You can also have your phone become an audiobook device the same way- connect a Bluetooth headphone or earphones and listen to podcasts or audiobooks as you do your work.

Remote. Need a new remote for your smart TV or set-top box? No problem. Just dig out your old phone and search the app centre for the corresponding remote app. They'll work just like your old remote as it can change channels, volume or set the input mode, among others.

Set As Your Backup Phone
If you're the type to use your phone all day making calls, planning meetings, appointments, etc. then it would be nice to have a phone that you can use as a backup. Test the old gadget and see if it's still working. Activate the network by calling your mobile carrier and slot in a SIM card for SMS and calling purposes. Charge it to full and keep it in your briefcase, bag or luggage. Remember to give it a charge every now and then so your backup remains active. If it's a higher-end phone, you can turn it into a gaming backup for when you're charging your main device. Or, you can take advantage of the phone's camera and turn it into a dedicated VoIP device.


You can help the environment by doing the right thing whenever you're decluttering or trying to get rid of old tech. When you recycle, your old phone won't end up in a dumpster or in landfills, where it can leach toxins to the ground and poison drinking water supplies. Recycling is the right thing to do as it's part of sustainable practice.

Don't just throw your old electronic items in the bin. Find the nearest local recycling company and bring it to them. They can reuse or harvest for parts before turning the metal into scrap. Or, you can call the brand of the old item and ask if they have recycling programmes near you. In exchange, they may even give you a gift card, store credit or instant cash for turning your old smartphones in.

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