Ways To Beat Summer Depression

Ways You Can Beat Depression This Summer

Okay, you might not be able to beat it completely but you can certainly help to keep it at bay throughout the summer. Summer is so much better than the winter because you can at least get out and about in the sun and be with people. We always feel happier in the summer and that makes us feel more confident. People suffering from depression are more common than you would think, they could be your neighbour, your friend or your child.

So how can you feel better this summer?

Get Out And About

Getting out with friends and family is excellent for your own mental health. In the summer it is easier because the weather is lovely and you feel more enthusiastic when you get up in the morning. Things like Park Runs are good because you get to meet people too.


This always works, I have had so many different types of counseling over the years and it really does help you. The counselor will sit and listen to you and your problems before offering ways to help you with your depression.

Meet Friends

Arrange some days out with your friends and families. Even if you meet them for lunch or a walk along a river. Arrange for nights out with them. I know it is difficult to keep in touch with your friends when you are going through a bad patch with your depression, but being with friends who know and understand will help you when you're going through a bad patch.

Arrange Days Out With Family

In the summer holidays, arrange play dates with other families and make sure you arrange some days out on your own with the kids, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the house alone when you are feeling down. If you're having a bad day, pack a picnic and take the family out, you can really turn your day around.

Know That Summer Isn't Perfect

Everyone builds up summer that it is some kind of saviour but it isn't going to cure your depression straight away. You will still have bad days and you will get through them. My last tip works side by side with this tip. Summer pictures are full of perfect families and perfect bodies in swimming costumes. Summer isn't perfect and you don't have to believe it is too.

Make Yourself Feel Better

So many pictures of ladies in bikini perfect bodies, men with muscles and beauty are all over social media. You do not have to be this perfect! you are your own person and not an Instagram model. You can help yourself feel better by simply getting out of bed in the mornings or going to the gym to get the endorphins going. If you're unhappy with your weight, then go on a diet and lose a bit of weight, even losing a few pounds will make you feel better.

I am looking forward to the summer for the first time in ages, I hope you are too and if you struggle like I do then I hope these tips help.