7 Things You Need To Know About Central Heating

7 Things You Need To Know About Central Heating

There was a time when furnaces were considered as the best option for the home heating process while central heating systems then rapidly taken over the market when provided quality results soon after their development. The reason being is that central heating systems are extremely energy efficient which ultimately becomes a cost-efficient option as well. Along with much more other benefits, central heating systems provide you variety of options like multiple usages simultaneously with no drop in water pressures. These few basic factors make them stand out of the crowd and the only best option to opt for your house. Here are things to know about them.

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1. Single Boiler

You have a single boiler for heating up the water in central heating systems which is then pumped through pipes to radiators. These radiators are installed in different rooms of your house which provide hot water to your kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Use Gas

When you want the central heating system to cost you the least, make sure to run them on mains gas which also results in lowest carbon dioxide emissions. However, you can go for LPG or other fuel option if you don’t have gas connection at your home.

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3. Types of Boilers

There are different kinds of boilers used in central heating system and you have to choose one as per your preferences. For instance, most commonly used is a combi boiler because it provides instant hot water in your taps and you don’t need to waste water in the beginning or wait for long time to have hot water in your taps. Check out combi boiler prices to save more this winter.

Other options could be regular boiler, condensing boiler and so on but they do not provide instant hot water as they work through hot water cylinder to keep some hot water stored in it whenever needed. So, you cannot decide any moment to take shower or do the dishes as the stored hot water might get colder by the time you want to do your work and it is good to plan your day in advance if you want to start your work directly with hot water.

4. Regular Check is Important

It is important to keep on checking your boilers if they are working fine or need any service or repair. It is because their performance has a major effect on your monthly bills plus the replacement may cost you a lot more than the services done timely.

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5. Reflector Panels

It is a better option to get reflector panels for your radiators. They help reflecting heat back to the room instead of allowing it to escape through an outdoor wall.

6. Turn Down the Thermostat Only One Degree

It is recommended to turn down the thermostat as a single degree centigrade could save an average sized home around $100 per year. Recommended option is to fit thermostat with every radiator so you can control heat levels for any room individually.

7. Timer Controls

Don’t forget to use timer controls so that you can make sure it does not provide heating when it is not needed. You can set timing as per your needs when you want to run it and when you want to turn it off.

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