5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving Houses

5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving Houses

Moving out and then moving in is no less than a nightmare or a full day at the gym sweating like crazy. Extremely tiring! Do you agree? And it very often happens that we lose a lot of our things during the packing or unpacking process and where do these actually go because we packed, we loaded, we unloaded and we unpacked the same boxes, is a lifelong mystery. I mean how can things just walk out of those fully secured, multiple tape layered cartons? And when the time has passed and you have finally settled down and you start ranting about your moving stories and different people give you different tips to keep in mind the next time, that’s where you wish you would’ve known these before. So to avoid such regret read below.

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1. Few Things Need To Be Packed At the Last Moment Only

This is a huge mistake that most of the people who do the shifting all by themselves make, they start packing each room one by one and pack every single thing in that room without realizing it would be needed for the next 4 days left before you actually make the move. Like over the counter medicines and first aid box. Let’s suppose you were packing and accidental you broke a glass and your finger starts bleeding, now what? You will have to unpack the box to get the first aid box out or while packing due to the dust you start having an allergy but your anti-allergy medicine is in the box, again you’ll have to either unpack of waste money on buying a new one.

2. Never Buy Décor Items Prior to Moving

I know moving into a new house makes you excited and you have all those plans in your head about how you will decorate your place around. But trust me I know you have the exact look you want in your rooms in your mind, still buying the décor for the room before moving isn’t a very good idea. You’ll end up wasting a lot of the items you bought because they won’t fit in the new place how you expected it to be. So calm down and wait till you officially make the move.

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3. Pack Room by Room and Label Your Cartons
It’s always important that you are organized while packing because this reduces the time and energy required to unpack. Also labelling the boxes is very important like which room items are in there plus labelling fragile is extremely important because you really don’t wish to break your expensive décor item right?

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4. Take Picture of the New Place Before Moving In
Make sure you do this to say you can claim for any damages already present even before you unpacked. Keeping a piece of evidence is always recommended.

5. Use Moving House Services
Please don’t cause your back more pain especially if you have any related medical condition. There are shipment services who pick up your heavy cartons and load and unload them.

Compare quotes and reviews of different removal companies if considering to hire them

No! Not all man with a van services is the same. To save yourself from regretting later make sure you compare the quotes and quality of the services each mover is offering.

Have you got any tips on moving house?

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