Tips For Doing Up Your Kitchen

How to make sure your kitchen isn’t neglected

I think we’d all agree that the heart of a home is the kitchen. Its where countless breakfasts are eaten before school, lunchboxes are created, and conversations and endless laughs are had. From the grand kitchens with islands and wine fridges to the small quaint ones with quirky features and creative storage ideas, each one is different and unique and it’s super important that it’s never neglected.
Refreshing and revamping the heart of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. From a fresh lick of paint to the addition of plants, there are so many ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life. 

Add a new feature to your window

Refresh your window and give it a spot of colour with some Venetian blinds from Direct Blinds. From white and black to wood grain effects, they’ll add a bit of interest and intrigue to your window. Blinds are a great addition to your kitchen, especially if your window looks out onto the garden. This versatile feature can let in a much or as little light as you want, meaning you can protect your little one's eyes from the sunshine while also keeping your kitchen bright.

Add accents of colour

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen by either painting a feature wall or adding colourful tiles as a splashback behind your sink and cooker. By adding more colour you’ll create a fresh new look and with paint and tiles becoming much more inexpensive if you shop around online, you can give you space a new lease of light at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t want to paint or tile? Why not change up your kettle and toaster and get a new set in a bright and vibrant colour? This is another easy way to lift your kitchen without spending tonnes of money.

Paint your kitchen cabinets and change the handles

If you want a new kitchen but don’t have the money to fork out for one, painting your cabinets and changing the handles can really give your kitchen an amazing facelift. You can pick up a wide range of handles in a variety of different sizes and styles on sites like eBay and paint can be bought from your local DIY store. It’s a long and taxing job but will be so worth it in the end!

Change up the lighting

If you have spotlights in your kitchen this one could be tricky, however, if you have a pendant light this is a great way to spruce up your space. Research the latest trends and go on the hunt for a new light fitting. There are so many different styles online, from colourful pendants to real brass and landscape-oriented fittings if you’re wanting to keep up with the latest home fashions.

Whatever style you want your kitchen to ooze with or whichever trends you want to try and follow, using some of these tips and tricks will help give the heart of your home the lift it’s been waiting for.