How to Be Sure You Are Buying the Right Tyres

How to Be Sure You Are Buying the Right Tyres

In summers we all plan for road trips with family - tyre care is crucial before you head out because only tyres which are a perfect match will help you stay safe. You need the right tyres fitted to your car in order to be able to travel safely in the south-east of England or in any area of UK. In London and nearby towns, such as Slough, St Albans and Guildford, plenty of drivers are unwittingly driving on tyres which are no good for their car. If they are found to be driving on incompatible or overly worn tyres, then they could face prosecution. On London's congested city streets, it is especially important to have the correct tyres. If not, then the extra wear and tear you get from speed bumps, debris and heavy traffic mean that you could end up in trouble. What should you be doing?

Avoid Part-Worn Tyres

Buying a second-hand tyre and fitting is not illegal so long as the tyre in question is in good working order. The trouble is that you don't know how long this will continue for. Buy new ones instead of having to pay out twice in the future, because you never know the history of your tyres.

Buy Compatible Tyres

Not all tyres are compatible with your model even if they look the right size. You can find the tyres you need by entering your registration number online these days so you don't need to be a tyre expert to get the right set - it really couldn't be easier! Selecting tyres in London is easy from DAT tyres - and you can book quickly online, too.

Choose Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres deflate slowly if they are punctured. This can buy you a bit of time to pull over to the hard shoulder, something you may need on certain stretches of London's ring roads, like the A406 and M25 especially if you're a commuter and you travel on stretches of roads like these all of the time.

Check Your Tyres Regularly.

If you check your tyres regularly before you go out in your car, then you will know if there is a problem with them and you can get it sorted straight away. You also should do the 20p challenge and slot a 20p in the tread to see if it sinks in low enough to cover the banding around the coin. If it doesn't, then your tread is too low and you NEED to get your tyres sorted because you will have no grip left on them.

Avoid Road Dangers

There are so many things on the roads that can damage your tyres like glass or other sharp objects and also a bugbear for drivers is potholes. These can seriously damage your tyres if you are not careful.

Looking after your car and it's tyres, means that you will save some money in the long run and when you do need to get your car looked at or the tyres changed, make sure you go to a reputable company like the one mentioned further up the article. This will avoid having to pay out twice.

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