What Dresses Can I Get From Simply Be? #Review

Having slimmed down, I feel so much more confident and want to show off my weight loss with new more colourful clothes. I have always hidden away behind dark clothes, the ones that make you look slimmer for many years, and I didn't have much confidence. Now, I have people commenting on how confident I seem to be, but it still takes a lot of nerve for me to get in front of the camera. I am however wearing brighter, more feminine and fitting clothes. I want to enjoy wearing clothes and I want people to notice me, instead of hiding in the crowd. I feel healthier with weight loss, but I am still the same person that I was at a bigger size.

With the weight loss comes the need for new clothes and with spring on the way, I wanted to move away from the dark colours that I normally wear to make myself look slimmer and I wanted to wear clothes with more colour in them. I was a size 28 and have dropped to a size 24, and since these clothes arrived from Simply Be, I have actually dropped another size! So what did I choose for my spring wardrobe? Well, I wanted to move away from the leggings and baggy tops and give some dresses a go. I wanted to feel ladylike, yet I wanted some practical clothes, I travel a lot and wanted some clothes that I could travel in.

What did I choose?

The Loverobe Print Shift Dress is a peach dress which has a lightweight georgette fabric and has no zips or buttons to worry about, making it easy to put on and take off every time. I like that the dress is simple yet elegant and the detail over the shoulders adds so much femininity to the dress. The dress actually makes me feel like a mum, and it's nice to look like a mum sometimes. The dress is very smart casual and I will wear this for work meetings as well as days out with Tilly. The dress is an extremely good price for what it is and I would have no second thoughts about buying it again. The fabric is fully lined and the dress comes to just above my knees. The Loverobe Print Shift Dress is £28 from Simply B.

The Junarose Diana Dress Is a cobalt blue dress with a sheer dress and a knee length cami underneath. I loved it from the moment that I saw it because the colour is so striking and the way the dress is longer over the cami dress, it adds a little bit of sexiness to it. The dress is very elegant and would be perfect for a wedding or evening out, I feel it is too dressy for a day out but is perfect for a special occasion. it is elasticated around the waist and is flattering for a larger lady. As I have also mentioned the colour is striking and complements anyone who wears it. The dress is lightweight making it comfortable to wear and it is perfect for spring and summer days and evenings. The sleeves are long sleeves, which I love because I am very conscious of my arms, yet because the fabric is sheer, you can still see my arms. I am going to Turkey very soon and this will be in my suitcase. The Junarose Diana dress is £42 from Simply B.

The Green Spot Ruched Skater Dress is a fun dress and perfect for the warmer weather that is coming. It is above the knees, ready to get your legs out for the spring and summer, yet it also has 3/4 sleeves to keep you warm if there is a chill. The dress is really comfortable to wear and I chose it because we do travel a lot. I wore it recently on an overnight trip to Paris, where I wore it with leggings to travel with (as it got a bit cold at night) and then wore it without the leggings the following day. I am a fan of lower necklines and this is a nice neckline, without revealing too much and the fabric is polyester. I did feel like it looked completely different from the catalogue and it was slightly shapeless on me, yet it was comfortable. I would have liked the front to be ruched a little bit more. I am a fan of skater dresses and have worn them for a couple of years, I may be 46 years old but there are no rules in clothes, just wear what you feel comfortable in. The Green Spot Ruched Skater Dress is £25 from Simply B.

What I like about Simply B is that they cater for ladies of all sizes and shapes and the choice of clothes for a smaller lady is still available in a plus size version. So there are no more dowdy colours in my wardrobe, instead, I feel more confident in these brighter colours. Pop over and take a look for yourself. These clothes were gifted from Simply Be