DIY Tips For Around The House

It gets to that time in your house where everything seems to need replacing, it starts with a lightbulb and ends up with a new bathroom or kitchen! It's because when we buy a house, we invest in everything new and it all seems to need replacing at the same time. Some of the DIY that needs doing can be done by yourself and it often becomes a family project, which brings you all together and when you have finished, you can look back and think about how you did it all together as a family. DIY is so much fun because you can make your house look so much better, sometimes it only needs a lick of paint or a new curtain pole putting up.

DIY can completely change the outlook of your house to and actually be the thing that turns it into a home. Here we have a list of some DIY projects that can be done at home by yourself and can be something to be proud of.

The Bedroom

This is one of the easiest rooms to do a DIY makeover on. A bedroom can look completely different with just some soft furnishings and maybe a new bed. Have you thought about making your child's own bed? It is easily done if you have the correct would, plans and equipment. You can make a princess bed, a train bed or even just a high bed. This makes your child's bed personal to them because nobody else has this type of bed. Change the curtains, grab some new bedding to match and save some money by looking in charity shops. You can get nearly new, or if you're lucky you can get new bedding at the fraction of the cost of bedding from a shop. Rummage in second-hand shops for pictures to decorate walls and refresh the walls with a lick of paint. Fill in any holes and cracks and make the walls smoother. If you want to freshen up the walls, use good paint, fill in any holes and cracks on the walls and paint them, if you want to wallpaper the walls, try to only paper one focus wall, maybe the one where your bed is. This keeps the cost down but gives a smart look to the room.

The Kitchen

This is the room that we seem to actually do most work in, where the front room and bedrooms are designed for relaxing, the kitchen is designed for working in. It's often where families meet up and have their evening chat's whilst eating dinner. So keeping the DIY up to date will help to achieve a relaxing environment to be in. There is so much DIY that you can do on your own. Do you want a new kitchen but can't afford it? No worries, change the cupboard fronts, look on local for sale sites on social media and eBay and see if anyone is giving away cupboards or even cupboard doors. You can get some patterned sticky back plastic and cover the current doors that you have. You need to make sure that the doors are free from grease in order to do this otherwise the plastic won't stick. Changing lino to something brighter will add alot of light into the kitchen and it will also make the room look bigger. There are of course DIY jobs in the kitchen that you cannot do yourself like changing gas appliances, if you need to get this sorted, then check for a corgi registered gas fitter. If your kitchen is like mine and tiny, then you can add shelves to the walls to utilise that space and also hang a pan rack from the ceiling.

The Bathroom

This is a room that visitors will judge you for. Not only whether it is clean or not but also how well it is decorated. A bathroom is a place that you want to make your sanctuary, a place where you can relax in a bath after a hard day at work. You don't want to have bottles of bubble bath and shampoo cluttering the bathroom, hide them away. You don't need curtains or blinds in the bathroom because you have frosted glass in them, so people cannot see in anyway. Make sure you have flooring that is safe, if you have kids that splash in the bath, then make sure there is always a rug or bath mat down on the floor. This adds a splash of colour to the room as well as making the floor non-slip. Put up a shower divide rather than a shower curtain, they look more sleek and professional than a shower curtain that can easily get mildew on it. There are of course things that you cannot do yourself in the bathroom and that's where you need to get the professionals in to do the job. If the time has come to remove that old bathroom suite that is avocado colour and has been in since you moved into the house, then look online at some places to get advice and have the work done by. If you do it yourself, you need to get experts in to ensure the new bath or shower work is waterproofed and that you are not going to get water coming through the ceiling into the room below. You need to make sure the measurements are exact! a cm out of place and it could end up with an absolute bathroom disaster. This is the work that needs to be done by a profession - anyway who needs the stress of doing it yourself. Visit Harrogate Bathrooms to get further inspiration for what you want and how they can redesign your bathroom for you.

The Outside Of Your House

If you have wooden windows, make sure the upkeep of the window frames is kept in tip-top condition, paint them once a year to stop them rotting or deteriorating. Paint fencing and make sure that it is repaired after a harsh winter, Mow the lawn and get rid of weeds. Planting bright flowers will make your garden welcoming and people will want to come in and visit it. You can do so much in your garden with a bit of inspiration, it is, after all, an extension to your home.