Ways To Make Some Extra Cash..... SuperFast

January was the longest month EVER! I had a spot of money trouble before Christmas and I found myself having to borrow money to keep bailiffs away from the door. So January was spent finding ways to make some extra cash to pay back the different people that I had borrowed from and still having enough money to live on for the month. Luckily, we are back to normal now and by March I should have all the debts paid off. I got me thinking about all of the ways you can make some extra cash to pay off debts or get money for unexpected purchases that I might have to make. I am sharing some tips today with you and if you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comments below.


I personally don't do these surveys because in between working for my job and blogging too, I am working Full-time hours and there isn't enough time for me to sit and do surveys in my spare time. But Kim does these surveys and regularly gets Amazon Vouchers sent through to her. I know it's not quite money but it is helpful for you to use on Amazon Pantry and get some food shopping in. I have used Amazon Pantry, many times before and you get your branded favourites as well as your supermarket bargains.

Overtime At Work

This usually isn't an extra income straight away but you will notice it at the end of the month or week when you get paid (depending on your pay cycle). It can make a difference, even if it's only £20 or £30. Sometimes you can get an extra bit of cash in hand if your boss is happy to pay you that way. Or ask for an advance in your wages if you're stuck

Advertise As A Home Help

This is an awesome way to earn some extra money alongside your job. You can advertise as a home help for an elderly person (You might need a police check for this) or as a gardener for someone who hasn't got green fingers in the slightest. If these are your passions, why not make some money out of it too. Advertise on your local Facebook pages and charge a reasonable amount. Are you studying at college? Then start working from home too. This is perfect if you are doing a course like hairdressing where you can build up a clientele as you study. Just make sure you have the appropriate insurances. Advertising as a home help means you might be the only person that an elderly person sees on a daily basis.

Take Out A Short Term Loan

Sometimes when you have exhausted all other options of looking for a way to make some cash, you need to take out a short term loan. Sometimes you can take a payday loan like the ones that Cash Lady offers and you borrow a certain amount of cash and pay it back on your payday. This means its worked a treat because after paying the loan back, you have nothing else to pay and can start getting back on track. Sometimes a short term loan might be more beneficial to you. This is where you can still borrow the same small amount and then you get given a longer term to pay it back. Sometimes you need a little bit of extra time to get back on track. If your freezer or washing machine breaks down, it is actually usually cheaper to take out a loan rather than buy the product on credit from a store.

Sell Stuff On eBay

This is a good way to make some cash fast, especially if you have a lot to sell. Pop it on a 'buy me now' option and you could make money almost as soon as you have put it up for sale. You need to have Paypal to do this and you will more than likely have to pay eBay fees but its a great way to make some money fast. You can also try selling through Facebook pages and on selling apps on your phone. One person's junk is another person's treasure.

Cash Out Affiliate Schemes

Have you ever thought about joining affiliate schemes? They are so simple to join and they work in a few different ways. If you have an influential social media page, you can join many affiliate schemes. A good one is Amazon because so many of us use the website to shop on and you make a few pence from each purchase if you share your affiliate link. So many people use this way to make some extra cash, but they also forget to declare its an affiliate link and you can get into trouble for not being transparent. Another way is to use a website like Top CashBack for when you buy your shopping. Every time you go through a website like that, you earn a few pennies on your shopping. Last year I paid for a holiday online, it cost me £888 through Thomas Cook. The online price of the holiday was cheaper than going to book it in the shop and then I earnt £60 in cash or vouchers. I exchanged them for Amazon vouchers and bought some gifts for Christmas.

Become A Mystery Shopper

This is a fun way to earn a little bit extra. A lot of time goes into the work for little pay but you get to keep the shopping that you have been sent to buy and you get it reimbursed. I have done mystery shopping before and have been reimbursed for things like food worth £5 or perfumes worth £50. Mystery shopping websites are so easy to find if you google them.

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