5 Awesome Musical Games Kids Will Love

Music is food for the soul, some say. It calms your mind and rejuvenates your senses. Researchers also say that music helps in the faster development of the brain in children, among other benefits. Overall, music has been found to have a positive effect on a child's overall development. Looking for a way to encourage your kids' interest in music? We have several musicals games lined up for you. Here are 5 awesome musical games your kids will love, which was inspired by Star walk Kids.


Sing-along is a great musical game, especially when dealing with younger children. Instead of just vocal music, play a sing-along CD. Using a CD helps make the songs more recognizable. Favourite options include popular children songs such as 'oranges and lemons', 'the wheels on the bus', 'hokey pokey', 'if you're happy and you know it', and 'row the boat'. When it comes to musical games, the sing-along is a pretty good option if you are not exactly sure where to start.

Musical Chairs

This is one of the most played child musical games out there and for a good reason. It's fun, as the children get to sing, dance, and explore their musical genius. The musical chairs game is simple to set up, just place a row of chairs back-to-back, put on some music, and get the children to dance around chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to sit down on a chair. Take one chair out of the row and the one who doesn't find a chair the next time the music stops is out!

Party Island

Party Island is an interesting child musical utilizing concept akin to musical chairs. The only difference is that when the music stops, the children have to stand on a party island. You can use a piece of paper such as a newspaper as the party island and after each round, you have to fold the paper in half. That way, the party island becomes smaller and smaller until one can't balance him/herself and they are out. The last one standing on the party island wins the game.

Paint to Music

Looking for a way to help your child develop his/her visual and performing arts at the same time? Try Paint to Music. All you need is a brush, tempera paint, paper, and easel, and of course, the music. Select music that encompasses various emotions. Your playlist should have different feels, rhythms, and tempos. The child gets to move the brush to the different types of tunes.

Disco Musical Statues

Your kids will definitely love Disco Musical Statues. This boisterous game involves a lot of dancing and when the music stops, the children have to remain as still as possible. Any little movement means that you are out. As a judge, you can use tricks such as making a funny face to get the kids to laugh or giggle and they're out. It's fun for the kids, and you don't need to buy or prepare for anything.

At some stage in his or her life, every child becomes curious about music, so why not help your kids explore the magical world of music? Creatively easy to put together, these games are designed to help you try something fun and different. Letting your child express him/herself through music, movement, and dance is crucial! All you need is a CD player or a simple tape, just press play.

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