Cool things to do in London with kids In February

February may be a short month but it feels very long if you don’t have anything to look forward to. If you like to find activities for your youngsters to enjoy, February can be a challenging month. Valentine’s Day takes most of the attention but this isn’t a great day for kids, so take a step aside from the love and romance, and find something cool things to do in London with the kids.

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

Go crazy golfing across the capital

A fantastic activity for all the family this February is crazy golf. It can be hard to plan outdoor activities thanks to changeable weather in February, so why not opt for an activity that is fun to do indoors? Plonk Crazy Golf can be found in various parts of the capital, including Camden, Peckham and Islington; and it is suitable for kids. The venues look great, there is a friendly atmosphere and whether you create a competitive or playful spirit to your game, you will find that crazy golf is still pretty cool.

Live life like a pirate

The V&A Museum of Childhood is always a great place to visit but this February, you can enjoy an exhibition based around fictional pirates. This is a swashbuckling day out that is sure to be great fun for all your youngsters who have a sense of adventure.
There is an interactive pirate ship to look out for but make sure you are on your best behaviour or you may end up walking the plank!

Check out historical transport

The idea of the London Transport Museum may not sound too cool for kids, but you’d be surprised at the fantastic range of activities for youngsters. There is a play zone for children up to 7 years of age and kids can even turn their hand to busking if they desire! With plenty of interactive elements and simulators, kids can enjoy London transport without having to worry about passengers, which is great news for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to get around while staying dry and warm indoors, this is a terrific destination.

Science can be fun

For kids who are a bit older, or for parents who want to combine education and fun, the Science Museum is a fantastic destination this February. There are seven floors of exhibits to enjoy and with a flight simulator and the Apollo 10 command module, there is a great deal to enjoy for kids who love space. The reason that the Science Museum is a cool destination lies in the fact that it is extremely hands on. Kids can play with a range of machines and gadgets, helping them to develop a greater understanding of the world around them while still having fun.

If you’re a parent who is tearing your hair out at the thought of entertaining your kids in February, don’t panic. London has plenty to offer and whether you want crazy golf or some educational activities, there is no getting away from how much London has to offer in February 2019.

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