How to Make Generosity a Part of Daily Life

Throughout life, we are constantly told that we should work to better ourselves, become more positive and strive towards achieving our hopes, dreams and goals. Of course, ambition and drive are not inherently bad things, but it can be difficult to feel comfortable and happy with your life and the direction it is taking when you feel as though you are always being criticised or judged by others.

Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can work to reduce the impact negativity has on you while still working to help yourself and the people around you lead a better quality of life.
Generosity is an admirable trait – one which can lead to a sense of satisfaction with long-lasting effects. However, we all lead busy lives, and sometimes it can be difficult to work out the best ways to incorporate generosity into your daily life.

To help you get started, here are some top tips to help you begin to make generosity a part of your lifestyle.


Arguably one of the most obvious options, the link between charity and generosity is clear to see. Whether you choose to donate to charity, give your old or unwanted items to a charity shop or volunteer some time for a good cause, supporting the charities that matter most to you is an important way to spread good fortune to those most in need.

Of course, some people include charity as an integral part of their faith or belief system. For example, Muslims give zakat (or zakah) donations to spread their generosity and share the fruits of their own wealth with those less fortunate than themselves. It is a great way to work towards an equal society and assist the people who are most in need.


You should always do your best to be kind and caring towards others, no matter whether they are a close friend or family member or someone you have only just met. By opening your heart and accepting kindness as a part of your life, you will be well on the way towards becoming a more generous person.

If you can manage it, a good way to get started is to commit to completing one kind act every single day. It doesn’t even have to be big things – sometimes, something as simple as just a smile and a friendly face can go a long way towards brightening a dull day.


Your family are the people that know you best and, most likely, will be the people that you spend the most time around. It can be a nice idea to try and get everyone involved in your quest to become more generous – start by showing further levels of kindness and generosity to your family members, and before long they should start following in your footsteps.

If you have children, it’s also a great opportunity to begin teaching them about the importance of kindness and generosity. After all, our children are the future of our society, so it is important that we instil good values and positivity to ensure they are able to reach their full potential.

However you choose to go about becoming a more generous person, this is a great way to feel good about yourself while helping to improve the quality of life for the people around you. Whether it is a friend or family member, a stranger on the street or someone in need on the other side of the world, if we all do our bit, the world will be a much nicer place.

How will you begin to incorporate generosity into your daily life?

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