10 Ways To Save Money When Christmas Shopping

Just under 12 weeks and it is going to be Christmas day! Hasn't that come round again so fast? I know we say it every year, and we are still never fully prepared. We forget that it is only one day out of the whole year BUT it is the most important day of the year. So guys we have 12 weeks to get prepared for Christmas, and here are a few tips to help make Christmas more affordable this year for you and your family to buy a gift at Christmas.

3 for 2 toy sales, at the moment so many toy retailers are trying to push  the toys from their stores and they are offering three for two to ensure that you go to them.

Toy sales, a few weeks ago I managed to get £85 worth of toys for Tilly for Christmas and I only paid £30. They were toys that she always asks for as well as a couple of extras. In this haul of Christmas gifts, I was also able to get an Icloud bear that you can leave messages on for your child. It was £5.99 instead of £29.99. Pop over to Thetoyshop.com for a glance at more of the amazing value toys.

Try your luck in competitions, Comping is a very big thing at the moment with many people doing it professionally now and ending up with £1000s of prizes a year. Personally, I don't get the chance to really enter these competitions very much but I did win a Go pro last autumn for Tilly, which helped out last year for Christmas. So even if you win one prize, it all helps.

Use voucher codes, websites like Deals Queen or Deals Planet  offer codes for companies like Argos can help reduce the price of your shopping dramatically if you use them. they provide voucher codes for companies from Argos to Smyths Toys. Using these codes alongside a special offer already on the store website is also a fab way to save money and you can get these voucher codes for free. My Favourite Voucher Codes donate 20% of their profits to charity. So when you are using the voucher codes you're donating to charity, meaning the charities also win. The website also has a page of competitions and freebies, so you never know, you could win something too.

Shop Online, because not only does this save you having to go to the shops and pay petrol and parking but it also means you usually get all of your things on one website. So you usually get free delivery if you spend a certain amount. And you don't get tempted by other shops in town, where you might buy things you don't need. A great example of a one-stop shop is The Christmas Shop and you get a discount for signing up to their email system.

Save your loyalty card points, every shop seems to have a loyalty card scheme so make the most of it. In the run up to Christmas they will all be competing for sales, so they find ways to bring the customers in and one way is to offer the chance to get increased points with your shopping. Quite often instead of getting 1 point to the pound, you might get 10. So if you spend £10 on something, then you earn £1 for your card. You can then use the points that are saved up and buy a gift at Christmas.

Food shopping, don't leave it all until last minute. In the run up to Christmas, food shops will compete for your custom and they will offer some really good deals like spend £50 and get £5 off. Make the most of these offers and buy your frozen food earlier to save some cash. Personally I like the Sainsburys vouchers because they have arrived through my door already and if I can use them on clothes, books, food etc.

Start putting money on a gift card for helping at Christmas. I must admit, this one has passed me by this year and I am missing out. But I usually buy a store gift card and pop about a fiver on every couple of weeks. This means there is usually a nice sum of money on there for Christmas. But this year I didn't get round to doing it yet, So the next few weeks I shall be frantically saving.

Sell unwanted things, This is a good time of the year to get the old toys sold. People are starting to look on the old selling sites now to see what bargains they can get for Christmas. So now is the best time to pop the unwanted items on the selling pages. People are looking for things like toys, Tablets and other good quality gifts. There are so many outlets now for selling things online from Shpock, Ebay or simply your local selling pages on Facebook.

Cut down on the amount of gifts you buy, I mean do you really need to buy something for your neighbours, uncles cat? You can save a fair bit of money doing this.

Make your own gifts, these are the best kind of presents and they are the most appreciated ones. if the thing that you have made looks a bit rubbish, then simply say the kids made it.

Hopefully some of our tips will help you to save a little for Christmas and using a few of the tips together like the voucher codes and the 3 for 2 offers means that there is more money saved and it means the difference between an extra gift for someone of not. So good luck with your bargain hunting and if you have any other tips, please do leave them in the comments.