Exploring Oman for Young Adults

If you've dedicated the earliest portion of your adulthood to traveling, you should add Oman to your list of must-see world destinations! Traveling and exploring Oman for young adults can sometimes be a tricky thing. This country only recently became so welcoming to tourists, although the people are exceptionally friendly. 

Expect to Find the Expected

nlike other Islamic countries that have tirelessly tried to keep out every hint of western culture, Oman has embraced western cuisine, and language. So, don’t be surprised to find a pizza hut every couple of blocks and a Starbucks in every major shopping center.

In between stunning mosques, you'll find Indian cafes, British confectionary shops, and American fast food chains. But, that’s what genuinely makes Oman such a great travel destination. It’s the break that any well-seasoned traveler needs and a great starting point for beginners.

Muscat is an easy travel designation and a great introduction to following the laws and customs of Islamic countries. The people and the police are not only nice but genuinely helpful.

Talk to the Locals 

Any well-traveled person will advise young adults to talk to the locals. Now that doesn't mean running off to unknown places without telling family or friends where you'll be for the next 24 hours. But, with a little common sense, a local person can guide you to the best food in town and direct you to the country's hidden gems.

There are Few Attractions but A Lot to See

It's true that Oman doesn't have the mega-cities or amusement parks that other countries use to draw in travelers. But, Oman has kept a lot of the historical and cultural aspects of their daily life alive, and that's what draws in many people. The major city Muscat sprawls from jagged mountains out to the coast, and you'll find everything from long stretches of relaxing beach to the diplomatic regions of Qurum
Make time to see the Grand Mosque in Muscat and stop in at local shops. You can explore bazaars, but the best bazaar in Muscat takes place on the weekend and is just outside of the major region of the city!

When you get into the city, it might seem like you're not even in a foreign country. But keep your e-visa, passport, and abaya ready! You can always check out the Oman visa requirements here, while you plan what sites you’ll make time for during your vacation!

Desert Camping

Planning a trip or vacation to Oman isn’t complete without desert camping. You might want to arrange to camp first and enjoy the luxuries of a hotel afterwards. A holiday in the desert can include barbecuing lamb kebabs or watching the sand dunes drift.

When you’re desert camping as a young adult be sure to pack everything, you need. It is much cheaper to ship items to Oman than it is to buy camping gear in the country. You might also need to rent a jeep or off-road vehicle if you’re planning on going off the beaten path!

You should always discuss your travel plans with the hotel you have arrangements with as well as your family. Camping is always a tricky business, and you don't want a vacationed spoiled by a bad camping experience. Many hotels will offer the option to check in early or adjust your booking to accommodate campers, remember always to ask politely.

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