Keeping Your Hair In Tiptop Condition Ready For The Summer.

Our hair is so important to us, I know that I have more confidence when my hair looks good. Our hair goes through so much these days and it is important to keep up the maintenance otherwise, it will start to look flat, boring and dry.

Condition your hair before you shampoo it. I do this with Tilly's hair because of it being so long, and it gets so tangled. So I put conditioner on her dry hair, then I comb it through and leave it for a little while to soak right into her hair. Then I wash her hair using a normal shampoo and rinse it through. It leaves your hair feeling incredibly soft, It doesn't tangle as much and gives your hair and extra glossy look. Sometimes when you use conditioner on your hair after shampooing it makes your hair feel heavy, And that weighs your hair down. Sometimes it is also good to do a proper conditioning treatment, get an intense conditioner and apply it to wet hair. Wrap cling film around your head and then wrap a towel around the clingfilm. This will warm your hair up slightly and makes the conditioner penetrate your hair more. If you use conditioner after shampoo, make sure you towel dry your hair before you apply conditioner because this removes a lot of the excess water and will help the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft.

Wash your hair in warm water rather than hot water, because using hot water will strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle. This isn't very good for your hair and you will lose your natural shine. So wash your hair and a warm temperature rather than hot, I always finish the last rinse on my hair with a much cooler water which also helps to close the cuticle and smoothing it down. Use shampoo to match your hair, it's no good using a shampoo for dry hair if your hair is really greasy. You will end up with greasier and really oily hair. If your hair is dry, then use a shampoo with moisturising elements.

Leave your hair to dry as naturally as possible, this will save on the stress of overusing electrical products and can leave your hair feeling brittle. If you are going to use a hairdryer, try and use it at a lower temperature this will protect your scalp and help keep your hair in top condition. If you're going to use straighteners or curling irons, then make sure you use products to counteract the damage that is going to be caused by the heat. Buy appropriate products for your hair, although they may seem gimmicky they actually do work. You can use a product like a leave-in conditioner and a heat protection spray.

Use proper brushes and combs, if your hair is wet use a detangling comb because if you use a brush it will stretch your hair and lead to breakage which isn't going to help give you the healthy look that you're looking for. Using a paddle brush will work by massaging your scalp which is likely to help stimulate your hair growth it does this by improving the blood circulation in your scalp. The bristles have round bits at the end so that it doesn't scratch your scalp or get tangled in your hair. Don't be tempted to buy cheap brushes, they can lead to your hair being ripped out.

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