Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

How fantastic is this heatwave? I am loving it, but its hard work when you are trying to do your daily chores in the beating sun. I actually feel like I am melting away, but I am not complaining because all too soon it will be cold and miserable again. I am happy to not be going abroad this summer because we have perfect weather here.

The downside to the weather is keeping ourselves and the kids cool, it is really important to keep our kid's body temperature as normal as ever. Today we have some tips on keeping cool this summer.
Stay hydrated

It is more important than ever to replace the fluids that we are sweating out. So make sure you drink more fluid to keep up with the loss. I only walked to town this morning and needed nearly a litre of water to cool myself down and hydrate. Another way to stay hydrated whilst staying healthy is to make fresh juices or smoothies. I usually have a drink like this for lunch because it is too hot to eat and you can add ice or ice cream to make it cooler. the blenders at www.myjuicer.co.uk will give you an idea of what to look for.

Dress for the weather

I guess the most important one is to wear a hat, but this is a losing battle with my daughter. I am sure she wears it to school to stop me nagging but as soon as my back is turned, it goes in her school bag. A sunhat gives you much more protection from the sun and it can stop you from being ill from overexposure to the sun. Ditch the cardigan and long sleeves and get those shorts and t-shirts out! You can even get sun protection clothes for the kids, these days.

Water spray

I use this Superdrug instant cooling spray. Its like magic in a can, it is a cold spray that instantly cools you down when you are hot and sweaty. You simply give it a shake and spray all over your face and body. I also spray Tilly's head so that is cooled down too. I'm not sure how it stays cold in the can, but it works. If you don't have one of these, you could use any kind of empty spray bottle and fill it with water and ice. Keeping your body temperature as normal as possible is so important to avoid becoming ill.

Water Play

Give the kids a hose pipe to play with, or even buckets of water. They will pour them over each other and be running in and out of the house whilst they play, but it's keeping them cool and they are burning off energy.  Hopefully, they will sleep well at night. Give them water guns to play with too or water shooters. Get them a pool or just a huge bowl to play in if they are little.


If you are travelling on holiday, make sure you have a cool bag with some partially frozen water or very cold water in it. You don't want to be stuck in the traffic with nothing to drink. Always carry a bottle of water in your bag, even if you are using public transport. Some train companies are fantastic and will provide water. I recently travelled with GWR and they provided their customers with a bottle of water, a bag of crisps and a pack of biscuits. That is an awesome customer service.

Make ice lollies

This probably comes under the 'keep hydrated' section, but if you make ice lollies from fresh fruit, using a blender, then you can also get fruit into your kids in a way that they won't notice and it's making sure they are cool. Making your own ice lollies are so much healthier than shop bought ones and you can get your kids involved in it too.

The heat wave at the moment can be as life-threatening as really severe cold weather, please make sure that you check up on elderly neighbours and relatives. If they can't get out, they might be running out of food. Make sure they are keeping as cool as possible and that they are rehydrated enough.

If you have any tips on keeping cool, please pop them in the comments below.