Practical Ways To Promote Emotional Health

Emotional health is an extension of your mental health and contributes to your overall wellbeing. It is expressed as thoughts, feelings, and behaviours - which is weaved together to form part of the intricate tapestry that is the human psyche. By promoting your emotional health, you can strengthen your resilience to life’s challenges while empowering yourself to take joy along the journey.
Supplemental Support

On top of a well-balanced and healthy diet, certain types of supplements can help pick you up if you having a bit of a down day. Omega 3 and Folate have been known to improve serotonin levels and neurotransmitters, regulating moods and improving depression-related symptoms. Supplements are a great way to support emotional health and if you are interested, Customer Review is a comprehensive site that may help you decide which brands would be best for you. 
Exercise Expression

It is proven that physical exercise reduces anxiety and stress by helping the brain release feel-good endorphins. Exercise also stimulates the production of norepinephrine, which is a substance found in the brain that influences the body's response to stress; so once you have busted a sweat - you can cope better with the daily drama’s that may develop. Whether you are out for a run, taking part in a yoga session, or jamming to your favourite track - push these benefits one step further by being mindful of your experience. As you acknowledge the wind as it brushes your cheeks, the relief of a deep stretch, or your interpretation of weird and wonderful dance moves - you allow your experiences to contribute to a mosaic of memories that can make life brighter.

Expression also benefits emotional health by using creativity as a tool to understand your pain, your pleasure, and everything else about yourself - and then transforming it into something new and unique. Expression may be exercised in many ways such as creating a visual journal, writing poetry, taking part in a variety of arts and crafts, changing up your wardrobe, or learning to code. If you are feeling shy or unconfident in your capacity for creativity, remember that - like life - it’s not so much about the end product as it is about the process. 

Pursue Passion

Passion is an incredibly powerful, and at times uncontrollable, emotion that can drive anyone to achieve their goals. Pursuing an activity that you are passionate about is pivotal to promoting emotional health because you can experience immense joy and happiness just by doing it. You will be given a sense of purpose, which will encourage you to persist in developing yourself and your skills. You will inspire yourself (and others) as you add value to the world and be at peace because you are fulfilled. If you are not entirely certain as to what your passion is, consider the following points:

● What activity/topic do you feel that you could never get bored of?

● If you had no financial restrictions, what would you do on a daily basis? What did you like to do when you were a child?

● Use visualisation techniques - what do you see yourself doing?

● Make connections between the skills that you enjoy, but perhaps mediocre at. These skills combined could give you a unique passion project.

● If you are still having trouble, eliminate the activities/topics that you dislike in order to narrow down the field.

Remember, your passion doesn’t have to be your day job. As you dedicate time for yourself to develop and pursue your passion, you will develop your emotional health and resilience in the process. 

Understand And Accept

The idealistic notion of wanting to live in a perpetual state of happiness, thus rejecting feelings such as sadness or fear, places an unnecessary pressure on your emotional well-being. An important part of emotional health is emotional acceptance. This is the act of being aware of your emotions, accepting them as they may appear, and acknowledging that they won’t last. This is not to be confused with wallowing in these emotions, you are merely letting go of the struggle of denying their presence. This is helpful because it allows you to process the emotion and learn from it - building up your understanding of yourself and thus your emotional health. Meditation comes in many forms and is a powerful tool for helping you accept and understand your emotions.

If you take the time to implement any of these practical ways to promote your emotional health, you will be given the opportunity to develop your understanding of yourself, encourage personal growth and foster a resilience that will help you get the most out of life.