A Quick Guide to Soundproofing Your Apartment

Although living in an apartment has many advantages, noise disturbances can be a major concern. There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night due to the loud party music in the neighbouring flat or because of some late night dancing spree in flat upstairs. Even in the daytime, intrusive noises from the adjacent flat can be quite distracting. As you are separated from your neighbour by a thin wall or the roof, which happens to be the floor of your neighbour, the sound transfer can be a major issue. 

Hustles of the motors, honking of the vehicles, pounding of the machines are things that one can hardly bear and this further aggravates the problem of noise pollution as you have to be relieved from the sounds coming from the street and from your neighbours. As you cannot control the sources of these noises the only option left is to prevent those irritating noise from entering your room. While the internet is flooded with ideas on how to control the noisy neighbours, the hard reality is that only soundproofing can help you out in such situations. 
Mind, 100% soundproofing is a professional job. Here are some tips on what you can really do to make your apartment reasonably soundproof. Keep on reading to get relief from the noise pollution.

1. Change the door

In general, apartments have hollow doors, and the majority of the noise enters the apartment through the front door only. These hollow doors have no cores and, as such, noises are likely to resonate through the doors. Better, replace the hollow door with a door made of solid wood. This will be a better sound barrier and block the noises from corridor and landing.

2. Seal the crack

If it is not possible to change the door, then get some acoustic door seal and fix that on the door for eliminating the gaps around the edges. This will prevent the noises from entering your apartment. Cracks below the door, though do not look much, are great passages for the outside noises to enter the apartment. Plug the cracks with door guard for blocking the outside noise. This will also act as insulation.

3. Block the windows

Street noise is a real problem. Inward noise transfer through the windows greatly impairs peaceful sleeping in the night and the single glass windows can hardly stop sound transmission. If possible, replace the window and opt for soundproof windows. Otherwise, get a window insert. This allows fixing another glass or acrylic pane to the window, and the empty space created prevents noise transmission. As the second alternative, you can plug soundproofing mats into the window frame.

4. Build a library

Empty apartments are nosy apartments. So, you must fill your apartment with sound absorbing items. Being dense, the books can dampen and absorb the sound to a great extent. When you add a bookshelf filled with books, this shows your taste, and also provides excellent noise insulation. The added advantage is that you can use the shelf as an extra storage space. Mind, no shelves should be empty as that will defeat the effort for blocking sound.

5. Try out a carpet

If the floor of your apartment is finished with wood, tiles, or linoleum over the concrete; you may try carpets because nothing muffles the annoying noises more than a thick carpet. If you have a wall to wall carpet that will definitely damp the thumping sounds of the feet. Moreover, your neighbour down below will bless you a lot.

6. Use heavy curtains

Curtains provide the cheapest and the most elegant soundproofing solution. Generally thicker curtains deliver better noise absorption. Velvet and Suede are reasonably thick and, therefore, you may try these. Curtains should be wide and with pleats for better soundproofing. These should be long for hanging above the window and sitting slightly on the floor. You can also opt for layered curtains.

7. Hang tapestries and rugs

Soft furnishing is conducive to soundproofing. Adorning the bare walls with tapestries and decorative rugs reduces the reflecting noises and ultimately help to reduce the noise level in the apartment by absorbing sound from the next unit.

8. Opt for a false ceiling

Footsteps on the floor above are always a major cause of irritation. If you fail to convince the noisy neighbor, then create a false ceiling around a foot below the roof and fill up the empty space with fiberglass or other sound-absorbing material. This will relieve you from the pitter patter of your noisy neighbor upstairs.

9. Consider using white noise

White noise machines generate sound digitally for distributing in the room and minimize distractions. These randomly generated broadband noises do not send any message to the people in the room but mask the unwanted noises that disturb the sleep. Introducing a white noise generator in the apartment will let you sleep peacefully and also ensure secrecy.

10. Use CSISOUNDCORE acoustic panels

With over 160 specially designed soundproofing products made of 6 different core materials, CSISOUNDCORE provide turnkey solutions for almost all noise problems. No matter if you are looking to complement your apartment decoration with fabric wall panels or wanting to divide space, CSISOUNDCORE can cover you up with their decorative acoustic wall panels and exterior acoustical wall panels.

You can get these in four different collections; Cumulus, Flaps, Stencil and Planner in varieties of colors, graphics, materials, patterns, and thickness. The Cumulus and Flaps collection can meet all your ceiling baffles needs. The stencil collection covers your requirements of hanging acoustic wall panels and you will get varieties of acoustic wall tiles in the Planner collection.

These sustainable acoustic panels are free from VOC including formaldehyde, have no toxicity and cause no allergy. Hence, these are safe for the people and for the environment. They also offer LEED credit contribution. These have high sound muffling performance and rated class ‘A’ non-flammable as per ASTM E84. Using these soundproofing items you get durable and weather resistance products that are easily installable and durable.

*Collaborative post*