Tips On Getting A Good Night Sleep

I find it incredibly hard to sleep sometimes, this means that the next day I am grouchy and tired. Lack of sleep isn't just uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous because your brain isn't working at its full capacity due to you being tired. Lack of sleep can be caused by many problems from worrying about things that you can't sort out in the middle of the night to having an uncomfortable mattress. So I have gathered some tips to help you get a good night sleep and feel so much more refreshed in the morning.

No Caffeine before bed otherwise you will be awake for half of the night, caffeine stimulates the brain and won't let it switch off. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and it reaches peak level in your blood system within 30 minutes and even if you drink something with caffeine in it, 6 hours before you go to bed, it can still delay sleep by an hour. So avoiding drinks like cola, coffee, tea, energy drinks before bed will help you to sleep better. You can always swap to decaffeinated versions of the drinks too.

Put the devices away before bed. How many times do we think 'I will just check social media before bed?' and then find ourselves laying in the dark, scrolling through Facebook? I do it all the time. Then I just check my emails one more time, although I am not sure who I am expecting an email from at midnight! Then I go back to check for Facebook updates again, it's never-ending. This is stimulating your brain and you don't even realise it so you will find it harder to sleep. Although we will never stop having that one last look at our phone, there is something we can do to help ourselves to sleep a little easier. When you use your phone, the back light mimics daylight, so if you use the night shift button on your phone (or alternatives on other devices) then it removes the blue from the light and gives you a yellow tinted screen, this will not stimulate your brain so much and help to get a good night sleep.

Get a decent mattress to sleep on. I know you can buy a cheap mattress from somewhere like Argos or a budget website BUT you need a quality mattress, rather than cheap. Often that isn't possible to combine them both. We have bought mattresses from budget online sellers before and had to replace them after such a short period. Buying quality at a good price is easy if you shop around, and you can get great deals on mattresses on Groupon where memory foam mattresses start with prices as low as £95. Memory foam mattresses are one of the best mattresses to use because of them being designed to mould to your body in response to heat and pressure, the mattress surface then evenly distributes body weight whilst you sleep but will return to its original shape once pressure is removed.Once you have a decent mattress, half of the battle is won. Also, remember to replace your mattress after a few years and turn it as often as you can so that you use both sides of it. If you cant afford a new mattress at the moment, you can also get a mattress topper to help you to sleep better at night.

Lavender doesn't exactly help you sleep but it helps to calm you down so that you can sleep. Put a few drops of lavender oil into a burner and leave it to burn for a little while in your bedroom or in your front room before you go to bed. If you don't have a burner, you can always pop a couple of drops into the palms of your hands and inhale the oil. Also rub a little bit into the feet, temples and wrists for instant calming feeling before you go to bed. Lavander is a natural product and it really does help to calm you down. You could even buy lavender body lotion to apply before you go to bed, you will find some good tips on blending lavender oils here to make a room spray.

Take a hot bath before bed to help you to sleep. This will relax your whole body ready for the sleep process to start. Try not to wash your hair whilst in the bath, otherwise, you will be waking up again as you dry it. Having a warm or hot bath raises your body temperature slightly to help you sleep easier. You can also buy products for the bath that will help you sleep. Buy bubble baths to relax your body and also you could even add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath to help relax you even more.

Install a dimmer switch in your lounge and bedroom, then as the evening goes on you can dim the light so it doesn't stimulate your brain so much. Get an electrician to do this one though!

Do you have any sleeping tips to share? leave them in the comments below.