When Your Daughter Moves Back Home

So my daughter has moved back home - its nice to have her back, and Tilly loves having her sister home. But it does make me worry for her future because I wonder if she will ever be ableto afford to get her own place and start out on her own. By the time I was her age, I had been married and separated. As part of the separation agreement, my husband signed the house over to me and I sold it, moved to another part of the country where I could buy my own home - mortgage free. Although I had to go through the pain of marriage and an eventual divorce, I managed to fall on my feet and secure a future for my children. Lucky or savvy, I don't know what it was. Getting a Mortgage is a huge step for anybody these days, but there is always someone to help and give you advice.

But these days, I live in a small seaside town, where housing is getting so expensive and people are being pushed off the housing ladder because it is fashionable for the people that live in London to buy a second home here. This pushes prices up because all of a sudden my town is a 'must want to live' place. Nowadays with house prices rising higher than wages, it is making it difficult to even think about putting a deposit down on a house, add that to the increasing low hour contracts or zero hour contracts that people are working and it seems like a losing battle to be able to buy your own home.

There is no stability in rented housing unless of course, you manage to get a council place. But those houses are far and few between and as she is only 25 and no children, she will never get a place. The council are stretched to capacity and can't find places for everyone that needs a home. Well done Mrs Thatcher for selling off council houses in the 80's!

It is nice to have Kim back and it makes it so much easier when she looks after Tilly, whilst I work. It's nice to have someone to help around the house and most importantly it is lovely to have some adult conversation around the house. As to whether Kim feels she is happy to be home is another matter ....... We may need therapy after living together again!