Making A Memory Jar With Gel-A-Peel

Does your little one like to keep all of their little precious things in a jar or memory box? Tilly always keeps random things that she finds on days out. Often I find them in an old biscuit tin or box, but we thought it would be nice to make her a little keepsake jar to put some bits in. We were sent a set of Gel-A-Peels and some decorations to help us make our jars. This coincided with a weekend in a caravan at a holiday park, so it gave her something to do whilst she was away and its a perfect rainy day project. The set comes with the Gel-A-Peel colours (these vary with whichever set that you choose to get), Tips, Stencils, a tray and parts to make jewellery. So you can make so many different things with a set.

First, we used the gel tray to make the shape to glue on to the jar. You place the Gel-A-Peel into the tray and use the flat scraper to flatten the top off. It takes a couple of hours to dry, but in the meantime, you can grab some glue and set about adding other decorations to your jar.

We had beads and pom poms to make it really girly. You can also use the Gel-A-Peel to decorate the jar free hand. We used the smallest of the tips to write Tilly's name on the top of the jar. When the Gel-A-Peel had dried we glued the shapes on to the jar. Even when it was dry, it was still a but glunky and sticky. We had left them to dry overnight, but normally it is fine with leaving them for a few hours.

When you use the glue use a quick drying one otherwise you find the decorations slip down the jar as you are making it.

Gel-A-Peels are easy to use, they can be messy to use but the best thing about them is that if it gets spilled on the table or work surface, it simply peels off. We don't normally bother with using newspaper to protect the table but as we were using glue and we were in someone elses property, we wanted to protect the table. You can buy Gel-A-Peel from Amazon for £14.99.

What will you do with your Gel-A-Peels?