Looking After Your Face With B. Wipes And Superdrug Face Masks

How do you clean your face? Do you just use a wipe or do you use a face mask to get the gunk out too? As part of being on Superdrugs Blog Squad, I was sent a packet of B. wipes and a face mask.

I am normally a face wipe snob and I love Nip Fab wipes, but they are only cleansing wipes and don't remove your make up. The B. sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes are suitable for sensitive skin, which is perfect for me and they are also hypoallergenic. these wipes not only cleanse your face but also remove waterproof make up. They have a PH balanced formula to help to keep your skin in the soft condition that you deserve and witch hazel and vitamin e that is soothing to your skin.

The packet has a plastic top, so this helps to keep your wipes moist and ready to use, the top clicks closed so it won't open up by accident. The wipes are soft and quite big to clean your face completely. The wipes are thick and don't fall apart as you use them. They are £1.45 at the moment and they are found in the skin care aisle with the B. range of skincare at Superdrug.

The face mask is a Multi-Mask Duo in the Superdrug own brand range. It contains a moisturising mask for the cheeks and a clay mask for your T-zone. The reason that there are two different masks is that sometimes we need to multi-mask and use different masks for different problems on our face. This face mask is perfect for those with a problem T-zone, where you are prone to spots but you have dry cheeks. In the winter, it's the cheeks that tend to get the brunt of the wind and the bad weather, so they need a little help.

The T-zone mask is clay and it detoxifies and cleanses to get rid of the gunk inside your skin, making it smoother and less prone to spots. The moisture mask does just what it says on the packet and hydrates and soothes your cheeks.

Of course, there are no rules to say that you have to use it in these exact places because your problems may be in other areas of your face so you can adapt this to suit your own face. We have used the duo pack from Superdrug before but they never seemed to be enough in the packet for your whole face. This is perfect for one application.

I liked this face mask and it was so easy to use, it cleaned off well afterwards too. I made sure I had all of the clay off by using a B. Wipe.