Creating Healthy Vegan Meals And Watching Nutrition

Kimmy is 22 years old and since she was 7, she has been a vegetarian. There was no real reason for her to decide to become one, she simply stopped eating meat one day. So from that day forward I have had to cook two different meals at night, unless we take the option of all eating a vegetarian meal.

Many people these days are choosing to become a vegetarian or a vegan because of health choices. If you are struggling with your health, you can take a quick test to see if you are suffering from allergies. These tests tell you what allergies you have to food derived from animals. Even if you are not a vegan/vegetarian, you always feel better for a vegan meal. You do need to make sure that you're getting the right nutrients here by taking a simple test. With the right nutrients, you start to feel better in yourself.

When she first became a Vegetarian, I never knew what to feed the poor child, until about 12 years ago when i was introduced to Quorn,  We have never looked back as it means we can enjoy a meal altogether. Quorn is convenient and extremely quick to cook. You will also find it very good for you if your trying to lose a few pounds as it has no fat. Quorn offer a wide variety of foods and it means that you wont miss out when your friends and family have a good meaty dish, you can have something that looks just the same but is a meat free option.

When we were challenged by quorn to make some healthy meals following the recipes on the website, we thought we would give it ago, so we chose Cottage pie for our first meal. Quorn is easily available in the vegetarian sections of the freezers in supermarkets and quite often you can find Quorn product popped in with everyday chiller foods too.

So we got all the ingredients we needed for the cottage pie recipe, we were pleased to see that Quorn is now available in larger bags for bigger families and we found the large Quorn bag was the same price as a smaller bag, so it pays to shop around. We peeled potatoes and parsnips, boiled them and mashed them, then set them aside for later. I had never cooked potatoes with parsnips together before and mashed them, so the taste was new to me - but we will be doing it again.

We chopped onions and carrots and fried them until they were soft, be careful when frying onions
because they contain a lot of sugar and that will make them burn, so fry gently for a few minutes until they are both soft. Then add the stock, tomato puree, frozen peas, soy sauce and Quorn, then leave it to simmer for a while. one it is bubbling away nicely and all the ingredients are cooking, you can remove from the heat and add to your oven Proof dish, Then add the mashed potato and parsnips to the top, making a nice this layer before adding it to the oven to continue cooking and the top browning off.

Now I am the worlds worst cook, but even I found it easy to follow the cottage pie recipe on the   Quorn website for cottage pie, and you can too. Pop over and take a look as there are a few winter warmers for you to take a look at. Even Zach said it was lovely as he had a second helping :)