Is It Better To Get Oiled Or Lacquered Finish Flooring?

When shopping for a your new wood flooring, it can be difficult to know what all of the different terminology means. Most floors come with some kind of finish on them unless you look specifically for an unfinished product. The finish that comes with a wood floor ultimately acts as another layer of protection and helps to better withstand scratches and spillages. For this reason, when you look for a floor it is not only the material and style that is important, so too is the finish. The two most popular finishes are oiled and lacquered and in this post we will explain the difference between the two. Oiled finish

An oiled finish is probably one of the most traditional ways to finish a floor. This finish doesn’t simply sit on top of the planks, rather, it penetrates the wood. This increases the strength of the product and gives it a top quality look. If you are looking to give a rustic look to your place, an oiled finish can be a great ally because of the natural look it gives to the floor. Oil both brightens the colour and accentuates the grain of the wood.

You can choose from either brushed and oil or opt for an unfinished floor where you apply the oil yourself. There is no doubt that an oiled finish increases the longevity of your floor. However, it is because of this that it requires a bit of maintenance. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to keep reapplying oil all the time, once a year is enough. If you want to maintain the fresh out of the box look for oiled floors you will need to also re-sand and re-oil every few years.

Lacquered finish

Unlike an oiled finish, a lacquered finish sits on top of the product as an additional protective layer. This layer acts as a barrier against dirt and moisture and as a result this floor is very durable and able to handle heavy footfall. Another great advantage is that it doesn’t need too much care. You won’t need to retreat this floor quite as often and mopping it from time to time is enough to keep a lacquered finish clean and looking fresh.

As with any floor, lacquered finished woods do have their limitations. Applying this finish doesn’t make the floor waterproof, so if too much water penetrates your wood flooring it can end up swelling. Similarly, it’s not the most scratch resistant finish so if you have pets this is something to consider. As with oiled finishes, there are different kinds of lacquered finishes too. The most popular are matt, gloss and lacquers with UV filters.

It might not be easy to choose a finish when you have so many options, but there is always one to meet your needs. Lacquered and oiled finishes are both stunning, you only need to think which one is best for your style and your house! 

*Collaborative post