How To Smash Affiliate Marketing With Emma Drew

Have you ever thought about affiliate marketing but don't understand it? Do you know how easy it can be to make money from affiliate marketing? You don't even need to have a blog, maybe you have a great working social media page or channel! Affiliate marketing is where you share a link to a product and then you add a little code in there to lead back to your affiliate code and you can make money from that link if someone makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is something that actually terrified me since it was first mentioned to me, I didn't wholly understand how it all worked and therefore it scared me. Even the fantastic people from Affilinet invited me to a session with them to try to help me understand but to no avail. I kind of put it on the backburner until I was offered a course from the lovely EmmaDrew.Info.

Emma makes up to £5000 a month on her blog and she wants to help other people to utilise their own personal space on the internet. She has set up a variety of courses to help you make some money as you use your social media or blog. I used her 'How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger' course and it only costs £49 for the online course that you work through at your own speed. I think £49 pay out for something that you could get back 10 or 20 times more in the next few months would be a pretty good investment to make.

The course goes through modules and each one addresses a different subject from why we should all be using affiliate marketing to how to get the clicks on the affiliate links. This was everything I had wanted to know about affiliate marketing in the past but had been too embarrassed to ask because it seemed like newbie questions, and here I was a blogger of 5 years! It turns out that my questions weren't newbie questions, they were, in fact, a crucial part of understanding the affiliate marketing part of blogging.

I liked doing this course because Emma is very honest about what has worked for her and what hasn't. She talks about the legalities and disclosures that we all need to remember but the thing I liked best is that Emma talks to you on the videos as if she is your friend. She talks to you at the same level and not as someone who is too technically minded and loses us after the words affiliate links.

So why would you add affiliate links?

We all add links to products on our blogs when we review them or if we have been somewhere for the day. So why not utilise that link and make money from it too? Its so easy and the more that you do, the quicker you will get at creating the affiliate links and adding them to your blog posts. Also, make the most of special days like Amazon Prime day because things go down in price so much and you can make a lot of money by sharing affiliate links to these products. People know of a special deal on a special sale day and they do get click happy! I had dabbled in affiliate marketing before but I just didn't understand it and why I wasn't making the money from it. But after doing the course that Emma provides, I have now gone back to the affiliate website that I have used in the past and started to build relationships with the companies and really set about using the affiliate links. In one of my affiliate accounts, it turned out I had money in there that I was owed, so I must have done something right in the past.

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