Holiday Accessories From LOTD Competition

Whenever I go on holiday I usually ALWAYS take too much with me, I think I panic that I need to take loads of jewellery to go with EVERY outfit that I have, when in reality if I was to go shopping and bought shoes and accessories that were of a neutral colour, then I could cut my packing down a lot.   These days people try to squeeze everything they have into a carry on cabin bag or suitcase to save paying for luggage. I have seen people go for a weeks holiday with a carry on and I always wondered how they did it.

Whilst browsing on LOTD website, I found exactly what I needed for my holiday to Turkey that I am going on in May. And the best thing is that It all only cost £44, so it was a benefit to my pocket too. Nude colours are also very new to me, as I normally go for brighter colours so I was excited to receive something that is completely new to me.

The Nude Frill Front Court Sandals are perfect for beach holidays and the whole of the summer season. They are a nude colour but they are not a dull beige nude shade, they are a prettier peach shade of nude. They have a cute frill on the front so they are perfect for your evenings out on holiday, but also look so feminine to wear with your swimming costume and sarong. The shoes are made of synthetic Polyurethane which gives a good leather look to the sandals. The sandals have no sides and the strap that goes around your ankle. The sandals are comfortable to wear and very elegant too and cost £20.00.

The Multi Stone Detail Necklace has large stones that shine and sparkle as you wear them, Three large stones are the central part of the necklace and with a close look, they are milky inside of them. Then there are two clear stones and a nude/peach stone on the end. What attracted me to the necklace was that although it has the nude stones, it also has the white and clear stones too, making it adaptable to wear with so many different outfits. There is a long thin gold coloured chain, so it is a proper necklace instead of a choker and costs £6.00

The Gold/White Thirteen Piece Bangle Set is thirteen completely different bangles that all work well on your arm and they also combine white, silver and gold together which actually all works really well together. Each bangle is different and some even have crystals and diamante embellishments. My arms are quite chubby, but these bangles fit easily on and off my arm. They cost £6.00.

Sunglasses are a MUST for the sun and I am actually in love with these Brown 70's Glasses, Maybe its because I am a 70's kid, or maybe its because they are brown and I always buy black sunglasses but I just love them. They are brown frames with oval lenses and they are quite big, just like glasses were in the 70's. These glasses are £6 from LOTD and a bargain at that price.

The wonderful people at sent these products for an honest review, but they have also sent the exact items to offer my readers for a prize on the blog. So whatever I got, you guys could win too. All you have to do to be in a chance of winning this prize bundle worth £44 is to enter through the rafflecopter, You don't have to fill in all of the entry options after the first one but the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck.