Furnish Your Home At The Ideal Home Show London

Are you off to the Ideal Home Show this year? We were lucky to go along on an opening day on Saturday. I braved the snow and cold with two girls aged 7 and 8 years old to attend. I thought that the girls were going to be bored but there was so much for them to do, and they actually want to go again! It really goes to show that there is something for everyone.

I like looking at the furnishings, Being a mum of 5, I have never had space or time to buy some nice furniture, but now as the kids are adults and there is only Tilly and Kim at home, I can buy nice furniture. I come across Furnish Your Home and they have the loveliest furniture to make your house into a home. The thing that I like about the Ideal Home Show is that the stands are arranged as if they were in your own home. They are the same measurements as a room in a standard house and you can see how well the furniture works within a room and how to accessorise it. The staff members at the stand are helpful and full of advice on what would work well for you. I am actually in love with this room set up. Red is my favourite colour, I think because it feels naughty and having a chaise lounge to have a sneaky little nanna nap in the afternoon. I think the colour stands out and works well with the colour scheme that they have matched it with.

I also love this desk area, It is clutter free and its how my desk looks in my head, in reality, I don't have an office at the moment so this is on my 'must have list'. I feel so inspired by looking at the stands like Furnish your home and I want to now redecorate, declutter and buy so many new furnishings! All the products on the stand come with free delivery and your standard one year guarantee.

Another thing that I love about the Ideal Home Show is the food section, it's a great place to try different foods and drink that you might not be able to try otherwise, it brings food and drinks from all corners of the country. It gives me a chance to introduce Tilly to new foods to try and to vary her diet. But what the girls actually liked more than anything was all the tech stuff. Tilly was introduced to virtual reality on a stand as well as playing retro games on another stand but was really surprised me was that they were interested in absolutely everything that they saw, The demonstrations on the stands for magic mops and glasses cleaners, they took it all in. They even asked to watch a cooking show with Lisa Faulkner, at the end Tilly went up on stage to sample the cooking and met the lovely Lisa.

Towards the end of the day, there was a masterclass that we could participate in and we got chance to make an indoor garden. I am useless with plants, but they said this one needs no looking after as it waters itself with the condensation in the glass jar. These classes are free to join in with.

You can find more details on the Ideal Home Show here for prices, opening times and who is there and when. You should go and enjoy the day like we did and if you pop by the Furnish Your Home stand, check out the competition that they have on at the moment to win a £100 voucher to spend on the website.