B. Pro Lip Scrub And B. Glitter Pigment Powder

Lip and eye make up are what really draws attention to your face, so I was pleased to be sent some great new lip and eye products from Superdrug as part of being a member of the Blog Squad. B. has rebranded lately and they have a whole range of vegan and vegetarian-friendly products available to buy.

B. Pro Lip Scrub, there is nothing worse than applying lipstick to dry lips and with the weather so changeable at the moment my lips are constantly dry! So The lip scrub is in the shape of a lipstick and you just use it like a lipstick too. It's an exfoliator but I had to use it about three times before it actually felt like an exfoliator and I got some of the gritty texture. It made my lips feel soft for a few minutes but it still left the dry skin on my lips. The lip scrub felt greasy to use but that will benefit dry lips. The lip scrub is £4.99

Instead of your normal eyeshadow, Superdrug sell B. Glitter Pigment powders, these are glitter powders that are pigmented and you get a shimmering look. I wouldn't say that they were intense colours because they seemed to be more of a natural look, I like powders because they seem to apply so much better than a basic eyeshadow. You can add a little bit of water to these powders and it becomes a nice little eyeliner to compliment your eyeshadow.  The powders come in 8 different colours and they are easy to use, you sprinkle them out of the pot onto your hand (or I use the pot lid). It's easy to apply with an eyeshadow brush and seemed to stay where I had put it, normally when you use a glitter eyeshadow, it spills onto your cheeks.

These powders are buildable, so I used it all over my eyelids and up to the eyebrows, but then built it up on my eyelid for a more intense colour. You could also use these powders on top of a normal eyeshadow for some added shimmer. The B. Glitter Pigment powders are £4.99 each

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