4 Tips for Getting your Garden Summer-Ready

Spring has proved a changeable season this year but when the Beast from the East final retreats, you will want to get your garden ship-shape ready for summer. How can you do that? Winter is tough on the garden. The howling winds, sub-zero temperatures, frost, snow and incessant rain seem to drain everything of colour and goodness. Spring has proved challenging this year, with two cold snaps biting at the spring bulbs as they push their fledgeling leaves above the soil-line.

As soon as the frosts pass, and the snow clears, you need to spend some time helping the garden to recuperate. And you will be thanked when summer comes, with lush green shrubs and pretty, colourful blooms.
#1 Check the garden furniture for damage
It may have been securely stowed and covered but damage can still happen. Check for damage and make any repairs to garden furniture. If needed, wash down furniture and consider sanding down and varnishing any wooden benches to give them a new lease of life come the summer.

Don’t sit out the garden furniture without a protective cover until you are confident the cold snaps have passed. The one thing that causes garden furniture to age before its time is cold.

#2 Love your lawn

The one part of a garden that takes a real hammering is the lawn. One minute it is parched by the sun, the next it is a boggy quagmire. From frost to winter rain, the lawn needs some help come spring to come back to life.

Grass has a shallow root thus, a few days of no rain or water makes it turn yellow. Likewise, all the detritus of winter resting on it stops the rain from getting through. It effectively becomes lodged in the compacted soil and finds it difficult to be the lush, green lawn you want.

Before the lawn growing season starts, spend some time scraping the leaves and detritus off the lawn, go over it with a fork to place holes in the soil to allow air and water in and then give it a good watering with a fertiliser to add extra nutrients.

Don’t mow it just yet – leave it to April – and keep it slightly longer than normal to give it the best chance of growing again.

Top tip – bare patches on the lawn? April to September is the time to reseed the lawn. Scarify, water and spread the seed evenly across the patch. Keep it watered and you will have a beautiful green lawn in no time.

#3 Now is the time to get weeding, but…

… an emerging garden trend is to leave some of the gardens slightly ‘wilder’ than others in order that ‘good’ insects are encouraged into the garden. Bees, for example, like all kinds of flowers – choose ones that are heavily scented and bright in colour – including dandelions. Ladybirds love nettles because green and why flies are attracted to them, and they make a great meal for this pretty bug.

Having said that, you will want some kind of order to your garden so allocate a wild corner where anything and everything grows, with a little help for you but if you want your border pristine and tidy in appearance, now is the time to dig out weeds from the root.

An afternoon in the spring garden will mean far less work in summer – and that means more time to sit back, relax and enjoy it.

#4 Give the hard landscape some TLC

Just like you should check wooden benches and other garden furniture for damage, you should do the same for other features in the garden.

Hard landscaped features are those things that are there all the time, from the garden wall to the concrete pathway. It also includes the wooden fencing you may have too.

They are important because they are the backdrop to your garden vista. You can plant all kinds of summer annuals and perennials for a spectacular display but if the fence in the background is falling to bits, it detracts from the overlook look.

And so, before everything completely springs back into life, repair and paint (if necessary) hard landscaped features so that you have the perfect backdrop for your garden.From relaxing in the sun to summer garden parties, your garden is an extension of your home. Follow these tips to make sure your garden is summer-ready! With a range of wooden benches that will suit any garden, Garden Benches are a company who are experts on all things for the garden. Connect with them on Twitter

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