When A Burn Is More Serious Than You Thought!

On Sunday last week,  I was filling up some hot water bottles before bed and I put the boiled kettle back on the side after filling one and I misjudged the side. This stupid little misjudgement caused the kettle to fall and splash right on my right leg. Luckily I had trousers on which took most of the hot water but it didn't protect my legs much. I removed the trousers as quick as I could and just looked at my leg, it looked red and the skin was peeling off in front of my eyes. I think I was in a bit of shock because I just sat there looking at it. Tilly, bless her heart, went and got me a cold flannel but I did have to send her back into the bathroom twice to wring it out because it was dripping wet!

The following morning my leg was all blistered and I went to the local minor injuries department, still convinced that it was fine and there was nothing wrong with it. How wrong was I? It turned out the blisters had to be popped for the nurses to see the depths of the burns and then I was bandaged up. I felt like a right old idjut with a bandage on my leg and went on my merry way - still not understanding the complications of my injury. I went to work the next day, I work in retail so I am on my feet all day and there is also a 90-minute commute each way too. I was booked to go back to the hospital on Wednesday, but before that, I went to work again.
This time I was seen by different nurses at my little local hospital and they were able to assess the damage to my leg more. I actually believed that it would start healing by now, But I was in for a bit of a shock. My leg wasn't getting any better and if anything, there were words thrown around like 'burns unit' and 'skin grafts'. This kind of made the whole situation seem quite scary and even though I tried to make the best of a bad situation, I was actually crapping myself! I was told that I needed to take time off work and rest my leg up. Anyone that has to phone in sick for work, knows how difficult it can be to get the time off. We are only allowed two occasions of sick a year and on the third one, we have to have a meeting. So this may have put me up to my limit, but it's not something that I planned to do and I actually wanted to be at work. Having to stay at home and do nothing whilst you're feeling well is awful. I hate being told to rest and I certainly didn't feel ill but the nurses telling me that I was at risk of DVT certainly was enough to make me take note and rest.

So here I am over a week later, my leg is slowly healing and I am hoping that there is no need for any visit to the burns unit. I have rested well and there has been no sign of DVT or infection, My kid has done my head in with her persistent talking and it's only the first real day of half term. She has been an angel really, she understands that my leg is sore and has really helped me out. She has made sure that I am comfortable whilst I rested with my leg elevated (It was so uncomfortable). I spent a few days laying on the sofa with cushions piled up on the arm and my leg elevated on it. I really couldn't do anything for days. I think I was too scared to do anything. I think I was scared that I was going to get a blood clot from the damaged blood vessels and I think I was scared of getting ulcers if I carried on as normal. For once I listened to someone who told me that I needed to stop!

My phone became my best friend as it was my only contact with the outside world and I was able to use it whilst I laid down with my leg in the air! I spent so much time on social media those first few days. I did start to get depressed, especially after getting my dressing changed on Friday and I was told to cancel everything that I had planned for Tilly over half term as I still had to rest my hideous looking leg. That's the moment I felt like a failing parent, mind you, it doesn't take much to make me feel like I am failing. I was devastated and I could feel depression closing in, I was housebound with a life-threatening potential injury, off work and now I couldn't do anything with my child.

Tomorrow I have the hospital again and I need to address the fact that I am supposed to be going to Turkey in less than 10 weeks and if my burns aren't healed then I might need to postpone my holiday with Tilly. Meh! But it looks like it takes up to four months for burns to be safe in the sun.

My burn was completely my own fault and I have had friends that have had burns that were not their own fault. One friend had hot water poured over her when she was on a coach and they offered a coffee service. I wish I had been more sympathetic to her because I know how much it hurts.

Wish me luck for tomorrow