What's In Your Make Up Bag?

Have you ever wondered what make up people wear? Joanne from opposablethumbsblog.com has challenged me to share whats in my make up bag. I have never done anything like this and bared all from my make up bag, so here goes! I work for Superdrug, so a lot of what you see can be bought in there and it is reasonably priced too. I like high street brands but I do also like the high-end brands too, but the only one that I have ever been satisfied with is Nu Skin Cosmetics.


I have no idea why I have so many, but when I wear makeup, I actually do use most of them! I don't like cheap makeup brushes, they aren't very soft and they are not shaped well at all. I actually cringe when people say they buy their make up brushes from places like Poundland. A fantastic alternative to the brands like I use, real Techniques or Nu Skin are the Superdrug own brand ones. But I am a very big believer that you get what you pay for, therefore, I would pay £82 for a good Quality set of brushes like the Nu skin ones that will give me a good finish with my make up, because lets face it, girls, - after 45, you need all the help you can get! The Real Techniques ones are about £20 in drug stores for a set of three brushes.

My Base Products

Again its a real mixed bag of high end and budget brands. I like GOSH, because they don't test on animals and the cosmetics are long lasting! Many a time have I worn GOSH makeup out and it's still on in the morning. I use a primer, this helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and keeps my foundation in place. The Priming souffle is from the recently rebranded B Range in Superdrug, it is completely vegetarian and vegan-friendly. I alternate a lot between foundation and CC cream because my skin is dry and I often like the added bonus of the moisturiser in the CC cream. Also a CC cream is lighter in the summer and won't fun like a foundation will when you get hot. I use a colour corrector set, this helps to tone down the red patch of psoriasis on my skin and gets rid of dark lines under my eyes. The foundations are again a mixed bag of high end with the Nu Skin and drugstore price for the B. foundation. Strobing, highlighting and contouring is all so new to me and I have never managed to master them, but recently the penny dropped with high lighting and I now realise that less is more and you only need a little bit. This contouring stick is fab, it's easy to apply and it has a contour colour and a highlighter

Eyes and cheeks

Okay, I need to be more adventurous with my eyeshadows, but you tend to stick with what you know and what you feel safe with. The MUA is fab for smoky eyes and that's actually what I wear more than anything if I go out. The Revolution highlighting kit is fab for highlighting under the brow bone and also adding a bit of highlight to your eyeshadow. The two little pots are pigmented eye shadow colours from the new B. brand and although they look like glitter, they actually blend in really well to give an almost natural look. MUA eyeliners, I think they were both a quid each, I love MUA lip pencils and eyeliners because they come with a pencil sharpener. The mascara is the best mascara EVER and it is a Nu Skin one. The Maybelline blusher probably came off the ark, but I love its creamy texture and its so easy to apply.

Lips and brows

Okay, this isn't all of my lipsticks but I tend to lose lipsticks all of the time and I have loads of them, so this is just a small selection of them. My favourite colour lipstick is red, I find its daring and sexy and when you wear a red lipstick you feel much more confident. I dont always use a brow kit, but this MUA one is a good price and does the job.