Tips For Buying Fragrance

As I work on a fragrance counter I thought I would share a little bit of advice and some tips on buying the perfect fragrance. Every day we get people coming in to buy a fragrance and don't know how to start buying one. This is the advice we give them. A good salesperson will always ask you questions about your purchase, they will ask who the fragrance is for (male/female, mum/dad, partner/brother etc). they will ask the age of the person, they will ask what your budget is and also ask what the person normally wears or if they have expressed an interest in another fragrance, buying fragrance can be an expense and you want to get it right. So if you're buying a fragrance for someone else, make sure you know what they like. If you can sneak a picture of their perfume bottle, then that will help you to choose a new fragrance.

Don’t forget a perfume is made up of notes, the top note is the first hit of scent you smell when you spray it, the heart notes follow which makes up the main body of the fragrance, the base notes are finally released which add depth to the perfume.

The fragrances all have different 'families' that they belong to, below are the families

From emotive rose to heady jasmine, floral fragrances are effortlessly feminine and are the most widely used scents, thanks to their diverse notes. A floral fragrance can either be a mixed bouquet or a single scent and are often layered with fresh, spicy and fruity notes to add more depth. Fruity scents work wonderfully with florals, creating light, optimistic scents. Notes include Iris, rose, jasmine, gardenia, plum, apple, pear, berry.

Fresh fragrances are light and easy-to-wear. Aquatic and ozonic scents also come under this label and give a fresh and airy aroma. Citrus scents are one of the oldest fragrance families and create refreshing, zingy scents. Due to their light aroma, Energising/Zesty scents are less typically feminine and are often favoured by both men and women. Notes include Orange blossom, neroli, bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, mint, basil and lemongrass.

The most sensual group of scents belongs to the Spicy/Oriental fragrance family. There is a warming feel to these fragrances, which have a distinct and exotic aroma. Spicy and Oriental scents are often mixed with floral scents to create lighter blends, as Orientals are renowned for being heady and rich. Notes include Resin, amber, musk, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, ginger and nutmeg.

This fragrance family is made up of more earthy, deep scents. These are definitely fragrances you either love or loathe. Wood and musk-based scents are intoxicating and rich, they're typically masculine in nature but are often softened with spices and florals. Mossy woods and Chypres also come under the woody family. Notes include Patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, pine, vetiver, oakmoss, amber, musk, agarwood, birch, juniper, leather and tobacco.

Tip 1: If your friend has a fragrance and you like it, don't rush out and buy it, because different smells will smell different on different people. So what suits your friend, might not suit you.

Tip2: For a long-lasting fragrance, spray it into your hair, and the back of the neck. Also, spray your favourite scarf or clothes with your favourite scent. Have you heard of layering? For a long lasting smell, but a shower gel and body lotion of the fragrance. These can often be found in box sets at Christmas and on special occasions. Then take a shower with the shower gel, after you have showered and dried, you can apply the body lotion before spraying the fragrance. This is known as layering and makes the fragrance last longer.

Tip3: Always keep your perfume bottles out of direct sunlight, and avoid submitting them to extreme temperature.

Tip4: The base notes of a fragrance don't actually release until 30 mins after the fragrance has been applied so don't make a snap purchase on something you just sprayed as you may not like it in 30 mins. Always spray it and go away for a while. Also, make sure you spray it on your skin rather than a card because fragrances smell different on the skin because they mix with your natural smells.

Tip5: Make sure the sales assistant is listening to what you want and isn't just trying to sell something that they make commision on or that they have targets to sell. The last thing that you want is to be sold a fragrance that you don't want or need.

Tip6:  Shop around! I work for Superdrug and every week they have Star Buy offers, so you can often buy a fragrance for half the price that it normally is. Then on top of that, they have the Beauty Card, this means you can save points as you shop and if you have enough points, you can pay for some of your fragrance with your points. Also look out of Beauty Card offers of 10% or 20% off your fragrance.

Tip7: Buy gift sets, they work out cheaper in the long run and always come in handy for the added extras like the shower gel or body lotion. Also if you buy a gift set at the right time, you can get them at a knockdown price in the sale.