Stop Abusing The NHS!

I get so irate when I see people wasting sources on the NHS, I get so pissed off when I see that stupid post shared on Facebook about how easy it is to get a bottle of Calpol for free from the Pharmacy - REALITY CHECK, someone has to pay for it, and that someone is the NHS. It's not a case of it costing the NHS £2 or £3, it costs the NHS the price of a prescription because there needs to be a prescription made for the medicine they are dishing out. Can you imagine if everyone did this? It would put the NHS into more of a deeper crisis than it is already in. People that abuse the NHS like this need to stop and think about what they are doing. If you see this on Facebook, don't share it!

I live in a little town and we have Dr surgeries that are stretched to capacity, like in all of the towns up and down the country. As a family, we rarely use the NHS service, because we like to self-medicate over the counter as much as we can, costing us - not the NHS.

Recently I realised just how valuable the NHS is when I burnt my leg and I used our tiny town hospital that has a minor injuries unit, despite my argument with my friend that my leg was fine. Turned out it wasn't fine and I had to make return visits to the MIU for them to keep cleaning my burn and re-bandaging it. The nurses up there were fantastic and this service in our town is so invaluable to us. But every time I see that stupid status shared about free paracetamol from the pharmacy, it puts a strain on to the services that people really rely on.

Towns and cities across the country have resources like this for the public to use, but if people continue to waste the NHS money on missed appointments, the medication that isn't needed and even doctors appointments that aren't even needed. The times that people phone 999 and it isn't needed and that bloody Facebook post. Then we see less money for the sections of the NHS that really do need it. We see life enduring drugs being cancelled and waiting lists for urgent operations getting longer and longer because there is less and less money for the vital services that we need.

So I guess I am asking people to please don't waste the NHS, please think twice before you share Facebook posts telling you how to get 'free' medication like Calpol. Without my local hospital, I would have had to travel over 20 miles to my nearest a&e department, and that's something that isn't always possible when you're a non-driver. My local town hospital is fantastic and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all of the care and understanding they had for me when I made such a stupid mistake of dropping the kettle on my leg.