Rocketship Education Puts Children First

Students have to choose their future careers at such a young age and I personally feel that it is too young for a child to be making a lifelong choice. It is important to have the correct support network in school to support students when they choose their future path. That's where school counsellors come into their own.

The Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative of Texas is helping high school counsellors and advisors provide career and college guidance to their students. The initiative was started because of the large workload that guidance counsellors have each year, and through technology, there is a relief. The program is called the Texas OnCourse Academy and is an online course that counsellors can use along with their students to help guide them on a path they choose, whether that is to enter the workforce or attend college after high school. Using an online course makes this kind of training available for everyone to do in their own time because it doesn't matter how long you take to complete it.

Preparing students for the future is the goal of many and one such charter school group is changing the lives of many. Rocketship Education began in San Jose, California as a k-5 school that caters to providing technology-based education to underserved children in the low-income community. The school was a massive success and the program has been replicated nationwide in four other cities: Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Nashville, and Redwood City, California.

They have 5 values that they use to ensure the school is a successful and happy place to be.

they will deliver transparency in their work by assessing how they growing and learning with honesty and humility.

Community: They seek a diverse set of perspectives to build understanding as they work toward a greater purpose.

They chase their goals relentlessly and take courageous steps to reach ambitious outcomes.

Innovation: They challenge the status quo and take responsible risks in pursuit of meaningful impact.

Excellence: They believe ALL children can succeed and are committed to unleashing the potential inside every Rocketeer. All children need this belief in them!

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