Novel Uses For Bookcases

If you’re a book lover or an avid reader, you probably have bookcases dotted around your home filled with all your favourite books and magazines. Reading can be such a fulfilling past time and it can be so rewarding to lose yourself in a novel and open yourself up to new worlds. Whether it’s adventurous novels or down-to-earth documentaries, books can be a much-needed escape from modern life. With the uprising of e-readers such as Kindles, books have been less popular lately in their full form and more and more people are choosing to turn to the technological equivalent as they take up less storage and are so much easier to travel with.
If you have empty bookcases around your home, or if you just like being creative, read on to see the many ways you can re-purpose them. You might find that with more people leaving traditional books behind, second-hand bookcases are easier to come by in charity shops or furniture warehouses! It is also worth mentioning that if you don’t have a bookcase, other pieces of furniture will work just fine for lots of different uses such as an oak tv unit or a smaller chest of drawers.

Get Gardening

If you’re an avid gardener or you just have a lot of gardening tools and plant pots lying around, bookcases can be repurposed in many ways to organise your shed or green houses. Take off every other shelf and stack larger plant pots on these to create a different height on each shelf. Shelves with smaller spaces can be used to store things such as trowels, gardening gloves and seedling pots. A bookcase can also be used as decoration for plants in your home too. If there’s an area of your home which looks like it needs more greenery adding to it, a bookcase can be a stylish way to incorporate plants to your home, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. Stack plant pots and flowers on different sized shelves to bring some life into your home.

Get Creative for Your Kids

You can also make some fantastic things for your kids from old bookcases. Transform an old bookcase by painting it your kids’ favourite colour and create a fantastic new storage unit for all their toys! You’ll no longer be tripping over everything on the floor anymore, or cramming toys into already-stuffed toyboxes with this trick. If you have a deeper bookcase, turn it on its side and lay it on the floor so your little ones can reach every storage cubby hole. You can label them for different children, or have different categories of toys in each one such as “cars”, “stuffed animals” or “building blocks”. You can fit storage boxes into each of the cubbies too which can make for great storage for smaller toys. If you have the time to get creative, medium-sized bookcases can make great doll or Barbie houses for the child that has a huge doll collection! Transform different shelves into different rooms in the house and paint the back of each room a different colour. This huge-sized dollhouse will wow your children and keep them entertained for hours.

Create a Makeshift Wardrobe

Bookcases also make great makeshift wardrobes as they are open. Fit rails underneath each shelf and craft yourself a great kids’ wardrobe for little clothes! Shelves on the bottom can be used for folded items, shoes, boxes of accessories and other storage. If you’re a shoe-lover, why not alter your old bookcase into the perfect shoe display for your closet? Attach rails or stoppers to bottom of each shelf and stack your shoes out the way of everyone tripping over them all day long, or collecting dust on the floor! This will also work for handbags, scarves, and pretty much any accessory!