Must Have Items for New Mums

So, you’ve finally become a mum for the first time. It’s going to be a completely different life from now on—not only will you have a new full-time job of caring for your newborn (or newborns if you gave birth to twins or more), but you will also be needing things that you never needed before as a non-parent. Fellow mums will say that you need this and that, and you yourself have no idea why. In this article, we will tell you exactly what you need as a new parent and exactly why you need them.

A big bag with compartments
First of all, you’ll need a really big bag. If you sometimes think your big handbag for all your daily needs is too much, you haven’t been a mum yet. At any point in time, you’ll need bottles, diapers/nappies, a change of clothes for baby, towels, and many other baby needs, aside from your own personal stuff. It helps to have them all within easy reach in a bag that holds them all. A bag with multiple compartments will make things even easier, and it’s even better if you can find a backpack version of it.

A baby carrier

Babywearing is as popular as ever and a good baby carrier sits the baby snugly but not too tightly, and holds them close to you so they can feel your warmth and your heartbeat. When getting one, make sure to get one with wide straps so that the force on your shoulder is distributed over a wider area and your shoulder would not start hurting too soon.

A stroller

Ah yes, the stroller. The iconic mum item. Some people will say that you can just use a baby carrier or just carry them with your hands. However, that’s how you get back pains in the future because you’ll be out with your baby a lot of times. This is why strollers are essential. Strollers with great handling tend to be big and heavy, while smaller and lighter ones can sometimes feel like an old shopping trolley with rusty wheels. Test out all the strollers you can find and see which one suits you best

Baby wipes

Yes, you always carry around a small pack of baby wipes for when you need to clean your hands quickly in the office or whenever you finish using the toilet. This time though, you’ll need the large packs and several of them. Not only will you be wiping yourself, you’ll also be wiping your baby’s hands, feet, butt, face, the table they vomited on, and many others quite a few times a day. You’ll soon learn that the big wipe pack is not so big after all, so stock up on them.

Nursing bras

Sure, you can just pop out your breast from over your bra, but over time this will literally tear your bra apart. Besides that, it’s just really uncomfortable and is much less discreet. A nursing bra makes the whole action of making the nipple available faster and easier and is also much more comfortable.

Baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is a dual-purpose item: it’s something you can place your baby on, and something that will keep them entertained, which is HIGHLY important when you need a few minutes to attend to other aspects of life like dinner. It’s important to get a high-quality, durable one because you will need it a lot, so find a good one here.


One of the least-mentioned things and something you probably didn’t expect to hear from us is the fact that you will be drinking lots and lots of coffee. You’ll be short on sleep for quite some time, but life is not going to wait for you to get some good sleep before it moves on. Either invest in a good coffee machine that’s easy to use or get some gift cards to make buying easier and faster

A support group

Parenting is hard. No two ways about it. Oftentimes you will feel a mixture of exhaustion, frustration, exasperation, a longing for the child-free past, and the desire to just give up. A support group can really help you through tough times, especially during the first few years. Find a local group of new moms, or join one on the internet. Facebook especially makes it easy to find groups of people who are in a similar situation, and there are plenty of parenting groups there that will welcome you.

Becoming a new mum can be a tumultuous, bewildering, scary time, but it is also absolutely full of joy once you get the hang of things. Remembering to have these essentials will take you very far and help ease the difficulties of raising a child for the first time, so don’t forget any of them!