Money Saving Guest Post From My Girls And Me Blog

My name is Rebecca Greenway and I am a mummy and lifestyle blogger over at I am a 19-year-old mummy to 2 beautiful girls, Rosie-Belle (4 years) and Miyah (1 year). I started blogging in April last year. I have always had a massive interested in reading and writing and it just seems to flow naturally! Thank you for reading!

As a parent, you want whats best for your child and you may want to start saving up for their futures when they are young or even to give them a holiday. Whatever your reasons, here are my favourite money-saving tips.

Money Jar!

Getting yourself a money jar and when you have any change in your purse, put it in the tin. When it comes to opening it; make sure it is full and you are ready to open it. It can be a surprise when you open it and count how much you saved in change.

Plan your food shops!

When going food shopping, I always that I buy stuff I don't need. Planning your shop and writing a list of essentials really does help save you some money!

Finding cheaper alternatives!

There will always be a cheaper option for everything you want to get, & it may take a little extra time finding it, but the savings are endless!

Pack Lunches.

If you are planning a day out, instead of finding a place to eat you could always pack a good and healthy lunch at the fraction of the price! Cutting the costs.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals throughout the week can show you how what exactly you need to buy, which means that when you go to plan your food shop, there is no way you can go over budget.

Selling stuff you do not need anymore.

Now, this may seem to be a little bit harder, but eBay let you sell stuff on their and Facebook Groups also do. Any money you receive from them, you can put straight into your savings pot!

Planning and budgeting can be a great way to save for the little things in the future and maybe even some big events. Getting your children involved will help them learn about saving and budgeting too which is awesome!

Online Discounts

Look online for discount websites that offer promo codes towards your online purchases. Sometimes you can also use these in an actual shop but its always worth looking for sites that can help you in this way. you can even use deals and discount codes from to save some extra money in your favourite shops.

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