Making Parenting Possible For Everyone

Not so long ago it was all about families consisting of mum, dad and 2.4 kids but the world isn't like that anymore. I was a solo parent for many of the years that I bought my own children up and when I went on to have Tilly, I chose to be a solo parent again.

It's 2018 and families come in different dynamics these days. Just because you might have different ideas on parenting, it doesn't mean it's not possible for you to be a parent. I chose to be a single parent and I did it in the 90's when it wasn't as common to be a single parent. I had been married and it hadn't worked out, so I was left to take a journey of parenthood on my own. Of course, they are all grown up now and I think I actually did a pretty good job and here I am doing it again with Tilly.
These days it is so much easier to be a parent than ever, especially if you want to be a parent but not have the dad involved in the upbringing. With same-sex partners and strong independent single women, they have a chance at being a parent with They offer a few different options for women wanting to become parents from sperm donors or a co-parenting option where the parents share the care of the child without the romantic parts of the relationship.

If you're thinking of starting your family or adding to a growing family without the romantic implications of having the father involved, you simply sign up to the website and make it aware of what you are looking for. There are also forums that you can use to help to look for the perfect sperm donor. You simply write a little bit about yourselves and what you are looking for and if there is anyone that can help you, they can reply and offer their help. Then there is the online chat option to make further decisions as to whether you want to get to know the donor better. Using a website like Co-parents also means that you get to know your donor better than if you were to use a clinic, you get to friend them and know more about their characteristics as well as things like hair and eye colour.

There are many reasons why people would be looking for a sperm donor and all though I was lucky enough to have 4 wonderful children, there are parents out there that can't have them in a natural way due to infertility. To have a service like this is a real game-changer in the ability to have children, and to also help same-sex partners be able to complete their family with a child due to sperm donation. Maybe you're a career driven woman who hasn't had time to put into building a lifelong relationship with someone and this is the way that you want to start a family. Whatever your reasons - there is someone out there to help you to complete your life with a family.

The co-parenting option means you can get in touch with a like-minded male, who is also looking to co-parent a child without the romantic implications. Maybe you feel that a male role model is important in your child's life and this is made possible by meeting with a man who is also looking to have a child but hasn't met Miss Right either. Co-parenting could also work with same-sex partners who yearn to have a child and they can still also have the father involved in the child's life.

However you choose to parent, the magic of having a child is made possible with the help of Co-Parents who will safely and securely help you meet the person who can make your dream of being a parent come true. For some real-life blog posts from the Amber Wilde and her partner Kirsty, who have used sperm donation to full fill their dreams of becoming parents. These ladies are an inspiration to everyone who wants to become a parent through this way. They have 4 children and number 5 is on the way at the moment. They write about their experience at