B. Sculpt & Highlight Contour Stick Review

 As part of being a member of the Superdrug Blog Squad, I was sent a few of their new makeup products to try at home. One of these products was B. Sculpt and Hightlight Contour Stick, which I had neverreally had the confidence to to in the past

B. Scult and Highlight Contour Stick is a completely new product for me, I have used a contour kit once in my life and it was powder so I couldn't get on with it. But with this stick, the tip is thinner than other contour sticks and it's easy to use. The stick is creamy and after watching a few YouTube videos on how to do it, I found it really easy to apply. All you do is draw the lines on your face where you want to draw your face in because the darker bits will make shadows and disguise big foreheads, double chins and lengthen your nose. The second end of the stick is a highlighter, you use this to lighten areas that you want to emphasise on your face.

Do not use the contour and highlighter together, blend the contouring using a wet blending sponge first and then use the highlighter and tap it in. The stick is really easy to use but it wobbled a bit and they will snap if you twist it up too much like my highlighter stick. It blended in well and for a starter like me, I used 04 universal colour. The stick comes in Light, Medium, Dark and universal so you can choose how natural you want your look or how much you want to accentuate your features. I am happy with the universal shade because it gave me a natural look, but I would possibly buy a dark one for nights out, purely because your night make up is always darker and sexier.

The contour stick is £8.99 from Superdrug at the moment.