B. Flawless Foundation and Priming Souffle

Recently Superdrug has rebranded their own brand B. cosmetics and I was lucky enough to be sent some to review. I like the Superdrug products because I like what they stand for. Nothing that is made by Superdrug is tested on animals, so it is vegetarian-friendly and carries the Leaping bunny symbol.  But with the rebranding of B. They have gone one step further and made it vegan-friendly too, which is fab because so many people have become vegan recently.

So the cosmetics stand now covers everything that you could want in your cosmetics bag, which is also an improvement in the stand since it was relaunched. The packaging is an ombre effect of black fading to write and does look quite sleek, but I personally prefer my cosmetics to stand out more on the cosmetics stand to make it easier to find.
So I was sent Priming souffle, it is a small pot with a mousse type primer that feels soft and fluffy when you put it on. The formulation of the souffle makes it feel really light when you apply it and its almost as if you don't have anything on your skin. This is perfect for the summer when you don't want to wear heavy make up. The souffle is pink in the pot, but it isn't going to make your skin look pink underneath the makeup. The souffle isn't easy to apply with a brush and it did feel like I had to put it on a lump at a time, but once it was applied, it settled in my skin straight away and felt smooth. overall I actually like this primer because it doesn't leave your face feeling damp after it was applied and you can apply your foundation straight away. The Priming Souffle is £9.99.

The Flawless Silk Foundation is a cream foundation that is a light coverage but you can build it up to how you want it to look. As it is a silky formulation, it is going to help a more mature lady with getting a coverage that looks more youthful and also for a luminous finish. My skin on my face has dry patches because I suffer from psoriasis, so I try to avoid matt foundations as it seems to make my face look drier. The foundation comes in a tube but it has a pump spray that seems to have a mind of its own and seemed to spray in different directions sometimes. The foundation seems to go a long way and it takes one pump to cover half of your face. It blends in well and is a lightweight foundation, that I often forget I am wearing. The range of colours has improved greatly and is very similar to the L'oreal foundation ranges because now you can get the basic foundation colour in a cool, warm or natural base depending on your skin type. The foundation felt soft and applied/blended really well. I like this foundation and will continue to wear it. The shade I used was C2 and it costs £9.99.