10 Tips For Making Your House Look Bigger.

I bought up 4 kids in a 2 bedroom house, something I am actually proud of because it showed that we were bursting at the seams but my home was filled with love and the kids were in no hurry to move out. Roll on to Tilly being 6 years old and the last of the older kids moved out. Finally, we had the house to ourselves.

Now due to circumstances, Kimmy is coming home. We are a little bit excited about this but it means a little bit of a squash again! Boomerang kids is actually a 'thing' these days because our kids cannot afford to get on to the housing ladder due to overpriced housing and wages being so low. Now we are looking at ways to make our house feel bigger. It is easily achievable and here are some tips to help you make your house feel bigger.

Mirrors - adding mirrors will make your house look twice the size, it is, of course, an optical illusion but its a really cheap option and its an age-old way of making the rooms look bigger. Mirrors are fantastic as a feature on a wall too. Mirrors come in so many different shapes and sizes and you can find a lovely selection at somewhere like Ikea.

Wall Colour - I actually already use this method to make my house feel bigger. Dark colours absorb the natural light, this means that the room feels so much smaller than it actually is and you feel closed in. Bright colours like white, off-white, light blues, light green always make a room feel inviting and warm.

De-Clutter - This is where I always go wrong. I always keep hold of things in case it comes in handy in the future. But all of this clutter needs to go! If you haven't used it in a while, get rid of it. It not only makes your house feel bigger but it will help it feel more inviting and brighter too.

Replace Your Skirting Boards - You may not realise it but the skirting boards can actually play a huge part in how to make your house look bigger. First of all you need to replace them if they are looking a bit tatty. Skirting boards put up with a lot of damage over the years. Replace them with high skirting boards, they look better than the smaller type and you can paint them different colours to change the appearance of a room. Painting them a dark colour will make the floor space look bigger than it really is. But painting them the same colour as the walls will make the walls look taller in the room.

Natural light - Having a lot of natural light in your house is a big plus for making your house feel bigger. Keep windows uncluttered, take away net curtains and make sure that your curtains or blinds are always open. Clean your windows on the inside and out.

Building Into The Attic or Basement - This is an option that will give you a lot of extra room, and it gives you the extra space without having to move home. We tend to fall in love with our house and its full of memories of bringing our kids up, so why would we want to move? Get rid of the clutter in the attic and transform it into another room or two with windows from theroofwindowstore.co.uk. You can actually do this really cheaply, with windows for all budgets.
Furniture - Don't overcrowd with furniture in the house, I know its tempting as we use furniture for storage, but less is more. Tall furniture can make a ceiling feel lower and therefore, the room seems so much smaller. Choose a sofa and chairs with open arms and exposed legs. This allows light to filter under the furniture, making the room appear airier. Glass tables also will help to give the appearance of an open space. Pushing furniture against walls will make the room seem bigger too.

Replace The Doors - When The kids all lived at home, I actually removed all of the doors - a bit extreme you might think, but you can replace them with bi-folding doors and it instantly makes the house seem bigger. Also, replace the doors with glass doors, you can still close the door but the glass will give the illusion off a bigger house.

Storage furniture - Ottoman beds are fantastic ideas because you can lift the bed up and pop all of your fresh bedding in there ready to use. it is also handy for hiding Christmas and birthday presents.

Stripes - Stripes give the illusion of a long room, try it with a feature wall with striped wallpaper
or a striped rug/carpet.

Widen Doorways - You don't have to actually get your power tools out to do this because you can do this by simply painting the door frame surrounds in a contrasting colour to the walls. Not only does this give a feature to a room but it also makes the door frames look bigger and feel like more light is coming into the room.

Trying all of these methods will help you to instantly feel like your home is bigger than it is. Do you have any tips for making your home feel bigger?