When Your Kid Just Wants To Travel

As Tilly gets older she is more curious about the world that we live in and yearns to travel to so many different destinations. I had always said that I wanted to travel the world when the kids were older, but then along came Tilly and I am trying to fulfil my dreams but not as around the world trip, instead of smaller trips with Tilly in tow. I kinda guess that my passion has rubbed off on her and secretly I love the fact that she wants to explore so much of the world, even though at 45 years old I am so knackered all the time. Having kids later in life is hard enough but having kids later in life that always has itchy feet and wants to travel everywhere is sometimes even harder.

But I love her sense of adventure and if Tilly wants to go away somewhere, I am happy to make her wish come true. I know some people think she is lucky or even spoilt but with flights to top destinations being so cheap with budget airlines - it would be rude not to go. Airport departure tax has now been abolished if you're travelling from UK airports, so if you book a £9.99 flight to another country then you actually get the child's flight for free! You end up only paying for the return flight. Last year we went to Basel for a few days and the flights cost less than £60. In a few weeks we are travelling to Denmark and the flights are costing a super low price of just under £40. With the hotel costing £66, it had worked out cheaper than a weekend in London.

So we are hoping that 2018 is going to be the year of travel for us, with Tilly going to Turkey in May and Camp Bestival already to look forward to in the summer, I feel we are in for a very busy year of travel.  I like to choose destinations that people don't usually book to go to and I think that makes it unique for Tilly. But I also believe that Tilly learns so much by travelling to different destinations and I am broadening her education as we travel. I love the fact that I have a travel bug and that she wants to fly everywhere that she can.

Are you travelling this year? We are always looking for destinations to visit, where do you suggest?