Learn To Make Amazing Paper Crafts

If you've got the crafting bug, you may have already realized a key craft secret: paper products are where it is at. The beauty of crafting with paper is that the supplies you need are affordable and readily available.

In fact, you may already have everything you need on hand, shoved in the back of your crafting closet. If you hope to get your paper crafting to the level that it becomes marketable on Etsy, you may want to consider some tips and tricks to get your items into shape. We have compiled here some fun and easy strategies to keep in mind. Choose Your Paper Wisely

The world of paper has come a long way since your days of grade school construction paper crafts. Now, you can choose from all sorts of textures, designs, patterns and colours. When choosing a paper, consider the project you are aiming to make. You don't want a thin rice paper if you are making a sturdy project that needs to stand up on its own. Likewise, you don't want a thick paper if you want it to be thin enough to fit in a frame. Your local craft or paper shop will be a good source for getting some ideas.

Start Simple

When beginning to learn any craft technique, you want to start at the beginning. Often, we become enamoured with some of the more eye-grabbing projects we see on social media, then sit down to try our hand at the project and realize we are in over our heads. Instead, start small. If you want to make holiday cards, begin with a simple design. If you are trying origami, get started with some of the more basic designs. As you learn, you can begin to try larger projects.

Think Outside the Box

Paper crafts come in all ranges, from the basic to the extreme. When thinking of the projects you want to try, think outside the box. A unique spin on, say, paper boxes, will set your design apart. If making a paper banner, try new shapes. If making paper decorations, think of holidays that don't get a lot of attention, like St. Patrick's Day or Election Day. There's no need to get yourself boxed into what everyone else is doing. Besides, you will often find it more fun to try something you haven't seen done before.

Make It Fun

At the end of the day, crafting is supposed to be fun, even if you are doing it to try to earn money. And your products aren't going to have that same pizzaz if people can tell that your heart just isn't into it. To that end, only try your hand and projects that really call to you, that you feel you can exhibit a passion for. If you love weddings, try paper bridal products. If Christmas time is your thing, make Christmas paper crafts. If you love all things vintage, give your products a retro look. Your excitement will shine through

Add Your Own Touch

Don't be afraid to add a touch of personalization to your products. This may seem counterintuitive when designing products meant to be sold to someone else, but putting your own touch on each item actually makes the items feel more special to those that are buying them. A stamp with your logo on it can be used to make an imprint on the back of paper cards. Or you can use your store name on the underside of all items. This goes a long way to branding your stock and creating a recognition that means buyers will keep coming back to you for their paper needs.

Some Projects to Try

Once you feel ready to get started, consider some of these fun and simple paper products to set out on your way. Holiday, birthday or celebration cards are always popular. Paper banners for holidays and parties are pretty and easy to make. Paper straws can be dressed up easily with embellishments. Party hats for bridal showers or Hen parties work great. Photo booth props are easy to make with pretty paper and some dowels. And handmade wrapping paper looks chic, even if it is just brown craft paper decorated with some vintage stamps or stencils.

If all of this feels overwhelming, take heart. A finished product is really all about the soul you put into it. And remember, if you make a mistake, just start fresh. Paper items are easy to recycle, and there's no need to get bogged down in something that isn't working out. Be creative, keep an open mind, and let your own spirit shine through. That is truly the way to ensure you have got a line of Etsy ready paper products that buyers are sure to love!