Finding A Qualified Child Carer For Your Child With

Being a singe parent makes it difficult sometimes for going out to work at weekends and holidays. Tilly is of school age now and I still find it extremely difficult to find child care for her, recently I lost work hours because there was absolutely no child care available for me over the Christmas holidays. Everyone deserves time off over Christmas - even child care providers. So I lost money and wrote it off as a bad time, then I found out that there is a solution and its about to make my life so much easier!

Anyone that knows me, will know that I HATE asking people to help me out, I beleive that Tilly is my child and my responsibility, I choose to work a job that is a long way from home and therefore I should sort out my childcare. Now I know there is a website called that can help to match me with a childcare provider that is both qualified and experienced enough to look after my child. Imagine the convenience of someone coming to your house at night, so as not to disturb your child.

Your child is the most important thing in your life and because of that, you only want the best babysitter to look after them. You are trusting someone with your babies life, and Sitters understand that. So for you to feel confident and ready to leave your child they promise you the following statements on their website.
  • All have completed a detailed application form
  • All have passed an interview with a member of our experienced recruitment team
  • All have at least 2 years' professional childcare experience
  • All have provided at least two childcare employment references which are checked and verified in person
  • We collect Photo ID and proof of address for every childcarer
  • We obtain copies of DBS certificates and childcare qualifications
  • All agree to Sitters' Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions
  • All are issued with a Sitters ID Card.
Upon entering my postcode, I found 23 babysitters in my excat location and funnily enough a couple were people that I had heard of around the town! Then I put in the details of when I wanted the babysitter for and the details of how many childrena and their ages. This narrows down the babysitters that are available and then you can choose the babysitter from reviews and write ups from the website. 

You leave your full details with your address and you need to register with the website, Membership costs £14.95 for 3 months and you pay a small booking fee for each time you need a babysitter. Sitters also provide babysitters for hotels, this makes it easier for parents that want to go out for an evening whilst they are away on holiday and your child is safe with a qualified childcare provider. They also provide emergency childcare, which I have needed when Tilly was a baby and her childminder was ill. 

Struggiling to keep the work/home life balance when you are a single mum is difficult and when you find a solution like, it can be such a relief! It makes being a working parent tons times easier! 

Have you used a childcare provider like this, we would love to hear your experiences.

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