Air Wars Battle Drones Review

Drones - They are big at the moment and every child wants one but they are quite fragile for the little ones to use. Tilly is no exception, she wants all of the latest tech, when it comes to toys and luckily she was sent a set of Air Wars Battle Drones to review and give her honest opinion of. These drones are robust and built to knock in to each other,so they are stronger than a normal drone that you can buy for your child.

The Air Wars Battle Drones come as a set of two, a red and a black one and the controls are easy to use. So this makes it perfect for kids that are starting out with drones, because they are so robust and they won't break so easily as they fall on the floor. But in case of breakages, the set does come with extra replacement parts.

You have a red controller to go with a red drone and Silver controller to go with the Silver drone, you then have to match them up before you can use them. Unfortunately we had a bit of trouble matching the controller up with the drones, and that means it will be difficult for the child to do it too. But once they are paired up you can get battling.

The drones have a reasonably good fly time of about 10 minutes, Tilly has other drones and they have a fly time of about 7 minutes. To charge them up, you simply plug the USB in and let them charge. Tilly is 7 and used these with her friend who is 9 years old, they had a good few battles with them. It takes a lot of control to manoeuvre the drones to battle each other and to get them in the same direction, but once you have used them a few times you can get more of a battle going on. once your child is used to the drones, its time to add the battle weapons that come with the set, the simply slot on. The set also comes with spare parts in case of damage.

The drone propellers are protected with a big spacious plastic circle, this helps to prevent any damage to them and means that the drones can battle and not get so damaged. It also makes them easy to grab when they land in trees! The controllers are really basic and easy to use, especially for a new starter to drones.

The Air Wars Battle Drones are available from all good toy retailers for around £79.99.