Saturday, 1 October 2016

#Blogtober - Who Am I?

Who am I?

You know what? I am not the person that people think I am. I am not always the confident mummy that writes a blog, I am not the person who always seems to be jet setting of somewhere. I am not the person that leads a privileged life. I am not the person that earns loads of money and gets loads of freebies, like others would think.

How I think I look all the time
I am in fact Vicky, the single mum who has struggled for all of her life (or so it seems) I have been in two abusive relationships and now I choose to single parent. I prefer it because I am in control of my life.

I am the mummy blogger who works 16 hours in a minimum paid job that only just pays the bills and am grateful for any paid work that comes my way on my blog. I may only work 16 hours a week on my proper paid job but I work twice that on my blog. I love my blog and although I put many hours in to it, I don't really notice until Tilly is demanding my attention or its 3am in the morning and I have to get up again in a few hours for go to work.

How I actually look in real life

I am the mummy blogger that only gets to give her child a fantastic lifestyle because of all that hard work that goes into the blog. We get to go to special events and Tilly gets to take her friends too. So this officially makes me a cool mum. I am the mum that tries to keep my daughter grounded with all of the toys she gets sent, in fact sometimes I wonder if I work for her with the amount of stuff she has to review.

So although I like people to think that I am the person that has my act together - to be honest I am the mum that functions on 3 hours a night sleep, I am the mum who can't get up in the morning and gets my kid to school a minute to 9am and I am the person who can drink enough Vodka to sink a battle ship and in fact when I go to Turkey next week, I will be doing just that for two whole weeks. I am also the person that worries about what others think of me, sometimes before I press the publish button I also wonder if I want my closest enemies knowing the stuff I write but then I just press it.

I am the mum who is 43 years old and knackered all the time, I am the mum who has learned to take photo's of myself in good angles to hide the dark eyes and the wrinkles. I see so much of Tilly being a blogger too, Only this morning she was taking 65 pictures of her weetabix, I have to put them all on ''The Facebook'' . I have got so much confidence from my blogging and it really has helped me, especially over the past year when we had our family ripped apart by a paedophile. But we are moving on and I am grateful for the support from all the other bloggers.

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