Saturday, 3 September 2016

Where I work #30bbdaysofgratitude

Today as part of the #30BBdaysofgratitude posts we are talking about my projects/work and I have chosen to talk about ......

My Work

I do love my job, yes I might moan and stop around if things don't go right, but I have brand love for the people I work for. I have worked for them for 11 years this year! I have never stuck to anything that long before. I work for Superdrug, in a beauty store and I am a fragrance adviser on our store fragrance counter.

I have worked for Superdrug for 11 years in October, but I have only been in my current store for 3 years this November. Moving store was a big thing for me but I wanted to be on a fragrance counter again. I was  a fragrance adviser years ago before I had Tilly, it was only at a small family store but I loved the position and I loved the knowledge that I gained. But i went on maternity leave and when I returned after nearly a year, the position was no more. I became a sales assistant again. It didn't bother me to start with but soon I realised that i needed a new challenge and the job came up in my current store - so I applied.

I got the job (obviously) and I work closely with one colleague on the fragrance counter and there are other members of staff too that work with us. We all work really well together, we all gel and that is what you need in a work environment. I think the fact that the four of us girls work well, makes for a winning team.

Obviously my counter is a small part of the shop, and I must admit that I like to have all my fingers in the pies! I also help on the cosmetics, when the cosmetics girl has a day off. You learn so much as you are sorting the cosmetics out and helping the customer. You get such a sense of joy when you have helped a customer choose wedding make up or prom make up. It makes you feel part of their special day.

I feel that blogging also helps me to be a better salesperson because I take that brand knowledge to work with me. I am also a Superdrug insider, this means that I work with 20+ other people within the wider company and we are sent products to review and share on our social media. Being a Superdrug Insider is supposed to be a year long thing, but I have been lucky to be one of the few that has stayed for two years. Guess I can't be doing that bad a job.

I do love my job, but the commuting is a killer, it takes an hour and a half to get there. I only work 3 days a week, which fits in well with my child care. My company are absolutely amazing when it comes to families. They support you and they train the managers to support you. When I had severe PND, I was going to quit my job, but my manager at the time dropped my hours to 4 a week and ensured I kept my job. She told me that if i gave up, it would be the worst thing I could do. She was right because I have gone on to achieve so much over the past few years and I even earned an award from them for my blogging! If you are looking for a job with a company that cares I would look no further than Superdrug.

**I have used press images to include in the post from This is to protect my privacy and not show which shop I work in.

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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  1. I've always heard good things about Superdrug as company, you just confirmed it again.
    I worked in retail for a few years and I completely get it when you say it fills you joy when you help someone, I loved this aspect of my job too!
    Aurélie x


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