Wednesday, 28 September 2016

**Special Preview Of New Lip Glosses From NuSkin UK** You Saw Them Here First!!

What is a contouring lip gloss and how will it benefit me?

Lip gloss has been popular for so long because it gives you a lovely finish to your lips, and you can wear it on its own or with a lipstick. When you get a contouring lip gloss it gives you an impact that will make people notice you when you enter a room. A contouring lip gloss will do more than just add a bit of colour to your lips, it will also stimulate the collagen in your lips to give you fuller sexier lips that will instantly give you shape and definition. For many years women have been using a lip liner to give their lips some definition and shape, but 9/10 your lipstick wears away after an hour or two and you are left with the lip liner outline on your lips - I am so embarrassed when I see this as I never know whether to say anything to the person. 

Using a contouring lip gloss can be used over your choice of lip stick and when you apply it, it does tingle but you know it is working then. The Nu Skin Contouring Lip Glosses at the moment are available in clear, but as a sneaky preview we are able to share with you two new exciting colours, that will add a tint to your lips. Tender Beige is like a bronze colour in the tube but once applied to your lips, it gives a bit of shimmer and a small tint. Sweet pink is a red/pink colour in the tube, but once again it gives a very fashionable nude look to your lips once it is applied. Both lip glosses come boxed to give the extra special touch of unboxing before you use it. 

So what did I think of them?

I am not normally a lip gloss wearer because I find them sticky and it just wants me to lick my lips all the time. These glosses are sticky but as soon as you apply it, you can feel it tingling and it is really cooling to wear. The lip gloss gives a tint to your lips so they look naturally pumped but they are not to bright to wear. They are perfect for holidays and when you just want that natural look. My lips are boring and not my best part of my face, so it was good to be able to try these lip glosses. I did need to apply it a few times through out the day but each time, I felt them plumping out and I did give me confidence because it made me feel good. I did apply them a bit thicker to get a deeper colour to start with but then as the day went on, i just applied it thinly. I would wear these again over a lipstick for a night out, because then you get the deeper colour as well as the contouring, but for every day wear, they can be left to be used on their own to give the nude look to your lips. 

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